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Susan Jones will buy your house

Susan Jones will buy your house

Property Saviour has been buying property for more than 25 years and is made up of a team of expert property consultants. They purchase properties themselves instead of acting on behalf of other investors, which means they can provide a speedy sale and flexible service.

Property Saviour has their own funds and solicitors available to be able to purchase houses in a timely manner and without depending on any third parties. Property Saviour will buy any property regardless of its condition, including homes with structural issues, broken features and even subsidence. They can buy any type of property including residential, commercial and plots of land, and will buy properties anywhere in the United Kingdom.

The Premise

Property Saviour has a simple process for selling a home in days rather than weeks, which is the reason behind them being able to buy your home in ten days or less. To start the selling process, you will need to complete their online enquiry form which takes just 30 seconds to complete and requires your full address and contact details.

Within 24 hours of completing the form, a member of their team will be in touch to discuss the property in detail. They will ask about the overall condition of the property, the number of bedrooms and the timeframe you wish to complete the sale. Once Property Saviour has this information they will give an initial offer based on the over the phone valuation which you can choose to accept or not.

If you choose to go ahead with the sale they will organise a RICs surveyor to visit the home and value the property in person, the results from this can change the initial offer price. Once you are happy to go ahead with the sale, Property Saviour will agree on a date for exchanging contracts.

Contact Details

Address: 1a Ash Lane Business Park, Ash Lane, Garforth, Leeds LS25 2HG / 2009 Davenport House, 261
Bolton Road, Bury BL8 2NZ
Telephone: 0113 320 6700

Sales options and pricing

  • Offer up to 90% of a property’s open market value
  • No fees
  • Free of charge RICs valuation
  • £500 towards your legal fees
  • Free of charge Energy Performance Certificate worth over £50
  • Free house clearance
  • Guarantee to beat all genuine cash offers.

What are the positives of Property Saviour?

Property Saviour prides themselves on their honest and trustworthy service and their ability to buy any property in less than ten days. They charge no additional fees for valuations and will cover up to £500 of legal fees. Property Saviour will cover the cost of an Energy Performance Certificate for your home and can even help with clearing your property.

Their expert team have over 25 years of experience in the industry which really shows as many previous customers praise their knowledgeable and helpful staff. The property buying company offer a very discreet service which is big benefit for those looking to sell their home confidentially; there are no for sale signs and just one viewing of your home which will be completed by a surveyor in an unmarked car.

Property Saviour has many satisfied client testimonials and reviews with many commenting on their ability to purchase any home in any condition, quick sales process and completion dates.

What are the negatives of Property Saviour?

Unlike some other property buying companies, Property Saviour does not cover the full costs of all the legal fees involved in the house sale. However, they do make a £500 contribution towards these. As with any fast cash buyer, Property Saviour will not pay the full market value of a home and instead will offer anywhere up to 90% of the value.


Property Saviour is providing an excellent service to homeowners who want to sell their home with no hassle or lengthy processes, although as they will always offer at least 10% less than a property’s market value, their services might not be suited to everyone.

They claim to be able to buy a house within ten days or less, which for some homes is the case. However, some sales do take them longer than ten days. Property Saviour can typically buy a home within 3 to 4 weeks, which is still much faster than with a traditional estate agent sale. In exceptional circumstances, they can sell a property in less than one week, but they will strive to work within a timeframe that works for you.

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