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We've been trusted by thousands of customers since 2011.

100% Recommend

The Independent review organisation report that 100% of reviewers recommend Ask Susan.

Property Buying Experts

We're property buying experts and have been purchasing property since 2011. We understand what it takes to purchase quickly and have an expert team in place to assit with the sale of your home.

Genuine Cash Buyers

Being a cash buyer means we can act quickly as we dont have to rely on a mortgage or external funding to purchase your property. This means we can proceed much faster than a regular buyer and have an expert team to speed up the legals and selling process.


Why do you only pay in the region of 80% - 90% of the property value?

We pay less because in return we purchase your property very quickly and achieve a guaranteed sale without any selling or legal fees. We also run the risk that we then sell on your property for less than we purchased it for. If you find a better offer elsewhere then please contact us and we will sure do our best to beat it.

How to do I know its a fair price?

As part of the process will will instruct two independent valutions on your property. The findings of which are also shared with yourselves. This means you can compare our cash offer with that of the independent valuers.

How quick can you actually complete on the sale?

This depends of the type of sale you require and how quickly you need to sell and or move out of your home. If you need the money quickly then it can take as little as 2 - 3 days after you accept the offer to buy. We can also be flexible and can arrange an exchange and completion date to suit the needs of yourself and or your family.

I'm facing repossession can you help me?

Yes. We can deal with your mortgage lender and let them know we are purchasing your property. This will allow you enough time for the purchase to complete and for you to pay off your mortgage with the sale proceeds.

Do you buy tenanted properties from landlords?

Yes we do.

Complete our quote form above and I’ll send you an immediate cash offer to buy your property today. It only takes a few seconds to complete and there is no obligation to proceed. See how much we’ll pay for your house right now and your cash price will be sent to your registered email address.