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Get the best possible price for your property

Get the best possible price for your property

It goes without saying that when you want to sell your house fast that you also want to achieve the very best price while selling up as quickly as possible. If this sounds like you then apply to sell your house with Ask Susan & obtain a guaranteed cash quote today.

Through our network of cash house buyers and Estate Agents our team have many buying options and stratagies available to them that can help you achieve the very best price for your house and to help you achieve a quick sale and potentially achieve a quick 100% asking price.

Need a reliable buyer right now? Simply complete the quote form found on this page and we’ll provide you with a valuation and cash price and purchase your property right now by email. We can sell your house quickly within 7 days and help you achieve 100% of the asking price you need.

A Guide: Ask Susan’s Top 13 Ways To Help Sell Your Property Fast in June, 2024

There is only one single thing that you need to remember if you plan to put your house on the market: you need buyers. Finding buyers is the only way that you are going to shift your property and this means that you need to find a way to get your house to stand out among all those that are on the market.

Selling a house can be more overwhelming than buying a house, and when you want your house sold as fast as possible, you need to know the tricks and tips that are out there to get you what you want.

Below, you’ll find 13 spectacular ways to get your house off the market as fast as possible with the correct preparation.

1. Get The Timing Right.

Before you even make a move to put a sign on the door to let the world know that you are selling your property, you need to do some research into the timing. As with cars, there are better times in the year to put your house up for sale than others. The more you boost your chances, the faster you can sell your house. Spring is traditionally the best time to sell your house, with the warmth and light – along with the fresh blooms outside – being a great way to showcase your home. Winter is the toughest time to sell a house because of Christmas being in the way – try again in the New Year but don’t bank on a quicker sell.

2. A Second & Third Valuation

When you shop around for an estate agent to work on your behalf, you will also be looking for them to value your property. The best thing that you can do is to ask a ton of questions about what they think about your home and whether the market as it stands is going to be a positive one for your selling efforts. You should also push on why they chose their valuation amount, and how they plan to find the best price for you. Don’t be afraid to haggle on fees with your estate agent of choice, either – they’re working for you.

3. Set An Accurate Price.

The valuation that you’ve settled on should have been free, and once you have settled on it you should make sure that your price is accurate alongside other sales in the area. Check out the properties in the same street so that you know whether you are undercutting others or reaching too far. The best price won’t always be the cheapest option, so stay aware of that when you set yours.

4. Get The Right Help.

You need a good – no, a great – estate agent. The correct agent who know what they are doing will be able to give you the service that you want, with the quick sale for your home. You need someone who has knowledge of the local area and they need to be able to talk about their experience and skills as well as their fees. Ask questions and collate as much information as you can about several estate agents so that you can make the right choice. If you’re struggling with your estate agent then apply with Ask Susan and request a cash quote to see how much we can offer.

5. Advertise Correctly.

Your property could be the best in the area, but if you’re not marketing it correctly it doesn’t matter at all. Advertising your property with your estate agent is one thing, but you could also choose to advertise on websites like Gumtree and on social media. A few pounds on a Facebook ad could really extend your reach to the local community and drum up interest to those who you have as contacts.

6. Curb Appeal – It’s A Thing.

Now that you have your house valued and on the market, you need to make the actual exterior of the property look good. Call the gardeners if you must, but you need to get your outside spruced up with your green lawn looking healthy and your shrubbery looking trimmed. Pressure wash the drive, repaint the front door and give the outside an inviting feel – first impressions count!

7. Look Inside The House.

Making your house appealing to possible buyers is as much about the interior as it is the exterior. Decluttering the entire inside of any mess and leaving surfaces as clear as possible is the minimal route, and it’s the way that you can help potential buyers to picture themselves in the house that is no longer yours. It also doesn’t hurt to give the walls a lick of paint – and hire a cleaner to get the property looking its absolute best before people come in and start appraising it and forming opinions.

8. Distance Yourself.

You need to let your buyers imagine themselves in the house you want off the market. This means removing personal effects such as photographs of you and your family. Photographs make a house a home, but it’s no longer your home, is it? Distance yourself from the property and show buyers that it is open for someone else’s family to take over.

9. That Community Feeling.

When you want to encourage potential buyers, you can help your estate agent by putting together a file all about the neighbourhood. This can really help to answer the immediate questions about local schools, crime rates, local entertainment, restaurants and transport links in the area. Getting stuck into the community could help you to shift your home faster than you imagined.

10. Conveyance Early.

Securing a quick sale depends on your efficiency and by starting the conveyancing process early, you can make that happen. Instructing a solicitor early to work on your behalf can mean that some of the tedious admin work – such as drawing up contracts and applying for title deeds – can get started quickly. Conveyancing is the legal side of transferring your property to another person, and it can take some time. Getting a jump on it is so much better than waiting around! If you decided to sell your house via Ask Susan our expert time will handle of of this for you and they are super quick!

11. Choose A Great Buyer

Ideally, you’ll receive more than one offer. Having more than one on the table is actually beneficial for you, though, because you can then choose the most reliable buyer of the bunch. The safe buyers are those who are ready to buy right now, have already sold their home and are waiting with an offer and are chain-free. You really want to have the choice, because you need your house to be sold quickly and at the best price. You should also ensure that you have somewhere else to live, you don’t want to sell your house at a great price and quickly if you have nowhere to go! If you’re struggling to find a buyer then apply with Ask Susan and request a cash quote here on the website.

12. A Little Incentive

Sometimes, buyers need an incentive to move the property. Your dream may be a quick sale, but not everyone gets that luxury. This means that you need to step up your game! If the property is on the market longer than you had hoped, look at the offers that you’ve received so far and decide whether there is a little wiggle room for you to sell a little cheaper. If the funds are available, you could throw in an incentive that stamp duty will be paid for, saving your buyers some money and potentially hooking in new buyers while the property still stands.

Selling your property quickly is the goal, but you should stay open to the possibility that it may not happen as fast as you would like. The important thing is to get all your ducks in a row to sell your house in the fastest way possible.

13. Apply & Request A Quote & Sell Your House Quickly With Ask Susan

Ask Susan are cash house buyers and can make you a guaranteed cash offer right now to buy your house quickly in 7 days. To find out how much we’ll pay then simply added your details to the quote form found here on the page and we’ll send out our cash offer for your property within just a few seconds. Quotes are free and there is no obligation to proceed with any offers made.


Best Wishes, Susan.

Best Wishes, Susan

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