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Category: House sales

  1. How to sell the family home and downsize in retirement

    When you reach a certain age, it’s not unusual to consider downsizing your home. Perhaps you’ve raised your family, your children have moved out for good (or only return during holidays), and your current home is now too big for you. A larger house can be expensive to run, especially when you consider energy bills. […]

  2. Bath: A sellers guide to selling your property quickly

    Property owners in Bath who are looking to sell their property quickly are certainly looking to sell at a time where the property market is on the rise. Bath is a very attractive city that has beautiful architecture and is an extremely desirable area to live, especially for those who commute into Bristol for work […]

  3. We Buy Any House Fast For Cash – Avoid The Scams With Ask Susan

    When considering who you are going to sell your house to you need be careful about who you deal with. There are some people and “We Buy Any House” cash house buyer organisations and companies who are running house buying scams and who are not all they claim to be. It goes without saying that […]

  4. Sell Your House Fast & Obtain A Cash Quote From Ask Susan In May, 2024

    It goes without saying that when you want to sell your house fast that you also want to achieve the very best price while selling up as quickly as possible. If this sounds like you then apply to sell your house with Ask Susan & obtain a guaranteed cash quote today. Through our network of […]