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Susan Jones will buy your house

Susan Jones will buy your house

Sell Quick is an established property buying company in the United Kingdom, offering a fast, credible service across the country. They specialise in buying residential properties with quick turnaround times and will buy homes from anywhere in the UK. Sell Quick offer their own market-leading solution and will buy houses in as little as seven days. Their service is tailormade depending on your individual circumstances and the property itself.

Updated and revised for May, 2024

Sell Quick buy properties for less than market value but offer a guaranteed quick sale. Their services specialise in quick house sales; however, they also provide advice and guidance on alternatives such as rent-back, and they can provide guidance on how best to handle your property situation. Unlike some other fast home buying companies, Sell Quick does not advertise to buy for a percentage of market value as this is completely dependent on the property and circumstances.

Quick Sell will purchase any property in any condition nationwide across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

The Premise

Sell Quick aim to provide a swift and hassle-free process for buying homes in as little time as possible. You can get in touch with their team by either completing their fast offer form online or calling their offices. They will take some basic property information such as the number of bedrooms, condition of the home and any notable features.

Sell Quick will also ask about the location of the property and the amenities in the local area such as schools, parks and shops. Once they have this information Sell Quick will provide you with a free of charge valuation and no obligation initial offer. Their team will arrange a time to come and view the property and discuss the solutions available to you.

Once they have reviewed the property in person, they will agree on a package with an offer price and timescale that works for you, and their team organise the rest. They handle all paperwork on your behalf and can suggest a solicitor for you to use, or you are free to use your own.

Contact Details

Address: St George’s House, 56 Peter Street, Manchester, M2 3NQ
Telephone: 0800 808 5247

Sales options and pricing

Sell Quick will always offer less than market value for your home, however, unlike some of their competitors, they do not quote a percentage of market value. Every offer is made on an individual basis is dependent on the value of the house itself. They pride themselves on their competitive prices in the fast house buying industry. There are no hidden fees or charges, and you do not need to pay for an Energy Performance Certificate as you would with an estate agent.

Sell Quick will provide free of charge valuations and all quotes and offers are free to receive, and there is no obligation. They will also contribute up to £1,000 of your legal and solicitor fees for the house sale. However, you will need to cover anything over and above £1,000.

What are the positives of Sell Quick?

Sell Quick offer a fast sale service and can buy your home from you in as little as seven days. There are no chains or public viewings required when selling with Sell Quick, and they also charge no additional fees to use their services. Their sales process is fast and hassle-free, and all offers made are valid for at least 28 days, so there is no need to be rushed into making a decision. They will consider any residential property in the UK, regardless of its condition or location.

What are the negatives of Sell Quick?

Sell Quick has no independent online reviews from previous customers, and so there is little information on their past sales and customer feedback. As with most fast cash buyers, Sell Quick will offer less than the open market value for all properties, in return for a fast and hassle-free sale.


Sell Quick can buy any home in the UK in seven days or less and are providing an ideal solution to homeowners who need to sell their properties fast. They offer competitive rates that are below market value but charge no additional fees for using their services. Properties across the entire of the UK will be considered, even if they are in a state of disrepair or in a remote location. Sell Quick offer limited information online and have no independent existing customers reviews or testimonials to use as a reference, which may put some homeowners off of using their services.

Compare with Ask Susan

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Are Sell Quick Ltd a reptutable company?

Sell Quick Ltd are a well established company based in Manchester and appear to have been trading for a long time. If you are considering using this company it is always wise to do your own due diligence before you committing to sell your house.

How much will they offer for my house?

Sell Quick Say: "We offer very competitive prices, and we often find that we are rarely beaten especially when you consider the whole package you receive from us. We do of course buy below market value, the exact amount depending on the property and the area, but please be wary of misleading companies quoting elusive percentages."

How fast can Sell Quick purchase my home?

Sell Quick Say: "We have purchased properties in as little as 24 hours but we aim to purchase properties to a timescale that suits you and delivers on your needs."

Where in the UK do Sell Quick Ltd buy houses?

Sell Quick Say: "We buy nationwide across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland."