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Susan Jones will buy your house

Susan Jones will buy your house

Home House Buyers are a quick property buying company, who specialise in buying any property in England and Wales for a fast cash sale. Their team have been working in the property industry for more than 20 years and have both the hands-on experience and knowledge of the market to be able to find the best deal for any home.

Updated and revised for May, 2024

Home House Buyers claim to have helped hundreds of vendors to sell their homes quickly, and they pride themselves on providing a fast and transparent service. They claim that they will purchase any house in any condition and in any location, regardless of any structural issues or other problems.

Home House Buyers understand that in the last decade, the way properties are sold has changed significantly, and they are striving to keep up with these changes and offer a hassle-free selling process that suits today’s fast-paced world. They have funding available to purchase properties immediately, giving them the ability to complete on sales within days rather than months.

The Premise

The process of selling your home with Home House Buyers starts with completing an online enquiry form or calling a member of their team. They will ask you some basic questions about the property you are looking to sell, including the condition of the property, location and history.

As soon as they have all the information for your property, they will create a no-obligation offer that is completely free of charge. If you choose to accept this offer for your home, a member of the Home House Buyers team will visit the property for an initial inspection. They will run through the selling process with you in person and give you the chance to ask any questions you may have.

The next stage is to sign contracts and instruct solicitors, which is done by them. Home House Buyers will also arrange a full survey to be completed on the house, and all these fees are covered by them. If all the searches come back satisfactory, then the sale will be ready to complete, and the completion date is decided by you. Funds are released, and keys are sent on the completion date.

Contact Details

Address: 15 Montpellier Parade, Harrogate, HG1 2TG
Telephone: 0800 612 1366

Sales options and pricing

Home House Buyers claim they can sell any home quickly and guarantee to buy any residential or commercial property, regardless of location or condition. They claim they are one of the only companies in the quick house sale industry to have the funds readily available to buy properties immediately. As they are buying for cash, with the added benefit of a quick sale, they will offer much less than the property’s value on the open market.

Home House Buyers do not give any indication of the percentage of a property’s value you will receive, as offers are made on an individual property basis. Home House Buyers cover all the costs of all valuations, surveys and will also cover all legal fees including your solicitor costs. This means you always receive 100% of the amount offered and there are no hidden charges.

What are the positives of Home House Buyers?

Home House Buyers are able to buy properties quickly and easily because they are self-funded and do not rely on third-party investors like many other fast property buying companies. They guaranteed to buy any home and will complete sales in a maximum of 28 days, usually much less.

Home House Buyers have many positive testimonials on their own website that praise the fast process, understanding staff and lack of fees involved.

What are the negatives of Home House Buyers?

Home House Buyers offer very little information about their service and the amount they typically offer for a property, the only way to find out more information is to get in touch with their team by calling or completing their online form.

Home House Buyers also has no independent reviews online, so there are no previous customer comments to consider when looking into using Home House Buyer to sell your property. As with any quick buying property company, they will offer less than the property would get on the open market.


Home House Buyers are a viable option for those looking to sell their home quickly for cash. They will buy any home in the UK and have the funds available to complete sales in a matter of weeks or days. They charge no fees for their service and cover all the legal costs; however, the lack of previous customer feedback and online information might not make them the best option for every homeowner looking to sell quickly.

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