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Reviewed: Is Quick Move Now’s 24-Hour Cash Guarantee Too Good To Be True?

Susan Jones will buy your house

Susan Jones will buy your house

Quick Move Now claim to be the largest property buying company in the UK and was established in 1998 with the aim to reduce delays, uncertainties and hassles that come with selling a property. They have purchased more than 5,500 properties in the last 20 years and claim to have over £6 million cash readily available to buy properties directly.

They have the highest annual turnover of any other property buying company, with a current annual turnover of more than £40 million. They guarantee to have the funds to buy a property outright and are the only property buying company to offer a 24-hour cash guarantee.

Quick Move Now will purchase any home in any condition in England and Wales, and the whole selling process can be completed within as little as seven days from the first contact. They will provide free of charge, no obligation estimates and will also cover all the legal fees involved with selling a property.

The Premise

Quick Move Now can complete a property transaction within seven days thanks to their simple house buying process which follows these four hassle-free steps:

1. Contact Quick Move Now and let them know some basic details about the property such as location, property type and the number of bedrooms. You can contact them either with their online estimate request form or by calling their team.

2. After you have let them know some information on the house you want to sell, the Quick Move Now property experts will do some research into the home. They will arrange for independent valuations to take place, which is paid for by them.

3. Based on the research and valuations, Quick Move Now will then make a formal cash offer for the property. If you are aiming to sell very quickly, they can provide a formal offer within 48 hours of first contacting them. If you are happy with this offer and choose to accept it, you can then select a completion date that works for you.

4. Once the legal process has been completed, the proceeds of the house sale will be used to cover any existing mortgage balance, and the remaining balance will be transferred into a UK bank account.

Contact Details

Address: 15 Interface Business Park, Bincknoll Lane, Royal Wootton Bassett, Wiltshire, SN4 8SY
Telephone: 0800 068 3366

Sales options and pricing

Quick Move Now does not charge any fees for their service, and all valuations are paid for by them. They will also cover the costs of an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) and all your legal fees. There is no deposit to pay, meaning you are under no obligation to accept their offer or continue with the house sale.

Quick Move Now will always offer less than market value for a property, but they do not work on percentage amounts. Instead, they value every property individually.

What are the positives of Quick Move Now?

Quick Move Now currently has a rating of five out of five stars on Feefo with hundreds of satisfied customers sharing their thoughts on the property buying company online. Many previous customers have praised Quick Move Now on their professional customer service, hassle-free process and fast release of funds. As they have the cash available to purchase properties outright, they are able to complete house sales very quickly without having to rely on a third party to fund the sale.

What are the negatives of Quick Move Now?

There is little to fault with Quick Move Now, as they are upfront and honest about their service and do exactly what they advertise. The main drawback of selling to Quick Move Now is that you will only get a fraction of the property’s market value, as they will only buy at heavily discounted rates, which is the case with all property buying companies.


Quick Move Now is an established and reputable property buying company, with hundreds of satisfied customers and glowing reviews. Their service is straightforward and hassle-free, and they can process house sales very quickly if required. As they have the cash available to purchase a property outright, they are able to live up to their 24-hour cash guarantee and will release the proceeds from a house sale directly to a bank account immediately after completion.

Quick Move Now might not be the best option for homeowners who want to get the full market value of their property but is a great service for those who need to sell quickly and with as little hassle as possible.

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