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Susan Jones will buy your house

Susan Jones will buy your house

We Buy Any Home are one of the leading home buying companies in the UK and are one of the founding members of the National Association of Property Buyers (NAPB). The NAPB is committed to providing high standards within the property buying sector and ensures that customers of their members receive a fair and transparent service.

We Buy Any Home are property professionals with more than 30 years’ experience in buying houses. They buy every property with cash from their own funds and do not use any third party funding; they also guarantee to offer the best price for a property compared with other home buying companies. They pride themselves on a transparent service, no hidden fees and a quick and hassle-free process.

The Premise

We Buy Any Home try to make their buying process as simple and transparent as possible. Once you have completed their quick and easy online enquiry form, a member of their team will get in touch to discuss the property and get a few details such as location, number of bedrooms and other basic information.
After this, they will then use their own valuation software which is linked to a database of similar properties to establish the homes real value in the current market. This is all done within 24 hours of receiving the property details, and once their research is complete, they will call you to discuss their offer for the property.

We Buy Any Home will also discuss details such as timings and when you need the funds released; this offer will then be sent to you in writing. Should you choose to go ahead with selling your property to We By Any Home and accept their initial offer, they will send two local estate agents to complete valuations and checks on the property and then send a final offer.

They will appoint you a solicitor to act for your during the sale and will cover all of the legal costs. Funds can be released, and completion can happen in as little as seven days.

Contact Details

Address: Prince Frederick House, 37 Maddox Street, Mayfair, London, W1S 2AU
Telephone: 0808 159 8490

Sales options and pricing

We Buy Any Home provide the highest offer guarantee, meaning they promise to beat any offer you could get from another property buying company. They are transparent about the fact that their offer will be less than the full market value of your property, but each offer is dependent on the individual home and will vary from property to property.

Unlike some other home buying companies, We Buy Any Home provide free of charge, no-obligation quotes and will also cover all legal bills as long as you use one of their solicitors. All pricing involved in selling your house to We Buy Any Home will be clearly outlined by them when they send your free quotation.

What are the positives of We Buy Any Home?

We Buy Any Home are one of the biggest property buying companies in the United Kingdom and are one of the founding members of the NAPB. This means you can expect a reliable and trustworthy service as they are adhering to strict regulations.

Currently, We Buy Any Home have a review rating of 4.8 out of five on Feefo, with plenty of positive testimonials from previous customers. Customers praise We Buy Any Home on their transparent pricing, stress-free and fast service, and professional and helpful customer service team.

What are the negatives of We Buy Any Home?

We Buy Any Home don’t have a single review rated below four out of five stars, showing that their previous customers are nothing but happy with their service. The only negative with selling a property to We Buy Any Home is that you will receive less than open market value for the house, but this is the case with all fast property purchasing companies reviewed.


We Buy Any Home are providing an excellent service for selling a property quickly and hassle-free and have helped hundreds of homeowners sell their houses in recent years. They are definitely a good option for those needing to sell quickly, and while their offers will be lower than market value, they guarantee to offer more than any other home buying company.

We Buy Any Home claim to be open and upfront about any costs and fees involved with selling a property and pride themselves on not charging any hidden fees like some of their competitors.

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