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Susan Jones will buy your house

Susan Jones will buy your house

Established in 2002, Ready Steady Sell started out as a marketing company advertising online exclusively for one cash buyer. However, they have been buying homes since 2010 and have years of experience in purchasing properties quickly with their hassle-free process. They use one specific cash fund to buy homes, and they are a family run company which means they have lower overheads that some of their competitors.

Updated and revised for July, 2024

Ready Steady Sell can usually offer more than other property buying companies for the same house. They guarantee to complete property sales in seven to 14 days and provide multiple sales options to help homeowners get the best price in a timeframe that works for them. Ready Steady Sell does not make the property purchases themselves but has a cash buying partner that they work with closely to be able to provide proof of funds and buy houses as a cash buyer.

The Premise

Ready Steady Sell Have a three-step process for buying a home quickly:

Step one: When you complete Ready Steady Sell’s online enquiry form, they will provide you with an immediate indicative offer which will be followed up by a member of their team. They will call you to discuss your home sale in more detail and provide a more accurate valuation which will still not be a final offer but a more realistic indication.

If you are happy with the guide price provided, they will arrange for a qualified RICs surveyor to visit the property and carry out a full valuation. On completion of this valuation, they will offer a formal cash offer for the home.

Step two: If you choose to go ahead with the cash offer they will agree on a date to exchange contracts and complete the sale. This can happen as quickly as seven days or longer if there is a specific date or timeframe that works for you. At this stage, Ready Steady Sell can be very flexible with your needs and work to any date that suits your current circumstances.

Step three: On the agreed date of completion, Ready Steady Sell’s solicitor will pay the cash funds straight into your bank account, and you will receive 100% of the proceeds as they cover all legal fees, home selling fees and valuation costs for you.

Contact Details

Address: Office 1, Team Valley Business Centre, Team Valley Trading Estate NE11 0QH
Telephone: 0880 612 6957 / 0191 283 5848

Sales options and pricing

Ready Steady Sell specialise in buying properties quickly for cash, and they have six different sales options:

Cash Sale: This is their easiest and most common sales method, where they purchase the property outright for cash. They will buy any property regardless of its condition or location and can complete the house sale in 7 days. As they are buying the home for cash, they will offer less than 100% of the market value.

Assisted Home Sale: Ready Steady Sell will work with you to sell your property quickly on the open market. They take full control of the sale process from start to finish.

Quick Sale Estate Agency: If you aren’t prepared to accept a lower offer for a quick cash sale, or don’t need to sell in such a tight timeframe, Ready Steady Sell’s estate agency model can help get your sold quickly using traditional methods.

Lease Option: With a lease option, Ready Steady Sell will take control of your property and agree to complete at a later date, which is a good option if you have negative equity in your home.

Sale and Rent Back: This service means you can sell your house or cash but remain in the property after the sale as a tenant.

Ready Steady Sell charge no selling fees, provide free house valuations and offer a best industry price match guarantee.

What are the positives of Ready Steady Sell?

Ready Steady Sell offer a quick home purchasing service and have a variety of sales options to meet every need. They will buy any property and can complete a sale within seven days if necessary. They have a trustworthy reputation with many satisfied customers recommending them to others for a fast house sale.
They currently have a rating of 3.34 out of five stars on, and many previous customers commend them on their fast service, quick responses and simple process.

What are the negatives of Ready Steady Sell?

As Ready Steady Sell offer fast cash sales, their offers are significantly lower than market value. Many previous customers have commented on the low offers and inconsistent valuations. With this in mind, it may be worth gathering several quotes to compare prices.


Ready Steady Sell are providing a reasonable service for individuals looking to sell their house very quickly. They are able to buy a property within seven days for a cash sale, although this option may not be for everyone as the offer amount will always be significantly lower than a home’s open market value. For homeowners looking to sell quickly and prepared to compromise on the price, then Ready Steady Sell can help.

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