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Will Visum Eradicate The High Street Estate Agent?


Written: 27th April 2017

Susan Jones

Visum, easily considered the granddaddy of online estate agents, has been around since 2004. Since their creation, Visum has sold over 30 000 properties online and have saved their clients millions of pounds in both sales and letting fees collectively in comparison to traditional high street agents.

Not only does Visum advertise on the “big three”, Rightmove, Zoopla and Primelocation but their advertising network extends in the farthest corners of internet real estate, and advertisers enjoy advertising on platforms such as Homes24, Needaproperty and Homes and Property too. The consequence of this additional advertising access results in properties turning up on map based property search such as Nestoria. Between them, over 160 million searches a month are generated, and the search figures are growing. Exposure with Visum is possibly the highest available online.

What sets Visum apart from other online portals is that they operate in the same world as their clients. They too are landlords and estate agents with over 20 years’ experience. With Visum you are getting a lifetime of experience combined with up to date technology, which offers an efficient, streamlined service at a cost that high street agents simply struggle to compete with.

The idea that they are never closed appeals to all, as the fast moving world we live means that we are ever clambering for time to get things done. Not having to worry about time constraints make this virtual agency exceptionally attractive and more so because they offer everything from advertising to home moving.


The Premise

The services that Visum offer are structured on a pay as you go basis the idea being that the client can tailor their package according to both their needs and their pocket. The packages both for sales and lettings on offer cover advertising and marketing reach. All other services can be added according to what the landlord or seller feels is best for their property.

With the magnitude of Visum’s background in sales and lettings, they even arrange documentation for eviction, and a vendor can arrange Conveyancing, services that are thin on the ground elsewhere in the virtual estate agency business.

What makes this such an impressive endeavour is that it’s all made possible at a fraction of the mainstream cost.

Get In Touch

Address: Beckett House, 14 Billing Road, Northampton, NN1 5AW
Telephone: 03300 10 11 15

Sales Options and Pricing

Property sales advertising: set up fee of £60 then marketing from £39 for 28 days.
Property letting advertising: marketing from £49 for 84 days.
Extras can be purchased such as; Photography £125, EPCs £59 and floor plans £59.

What Are The Positives Of Visum?

The incredibly simple approach makes it easy for absolutely anyone to use Visum online.
Simply register, login and away you go. Being able to maintain absolute control over your budget from how you spend on advertising, to all the legal requirements and related documents at the touch of a bottom makes all the laborious tasks of being a landlord far easier. Even when it comes to unpleasant matters such as having to deal with an eviction, Visum makes it easier.

The flexibility of their services also makes them rather unique. If a landlord chooses not to advertise through Visum but needs a mechanism to vet their tenants it is possible to make use of this service on its own. No two products are tied together forcing the client to buy one product to access another.
There is complete transparency with fees. You see the price before you pay for the product and the process is crystal clear about what is included and what is not. The pay as you go and design it yourself approach means that newcomers to the property business can access services to provide for their needs as their business grows.

Open 24/7 also means that those landlords that also have a day job can run their property business after hours, without the headaches that hours of administrative tasks bring. The time-saving factor is likely to be one of the most attractive aspects of using this virtual agency.

There are no ties. You can use as much or as little of the services on offer as you wish and you can cancel your account at any time. Once the job is done, there are no fears of ongoing subscriptions or paying for something that is not being used.

What Are The Negatives Of Visum?

Anyone looking for a personal one to one service with a strong human factor is not going to get it here. Everything is managed online, and this will require internet access and enough computer literacy to get through the process. The legal documentation and support only cover England and Wales, so if a landlord needs to perform an eviction in Scotland or Northern Ireland, they will have to use an external resource.


Overall, Visum covers every possible aspect of estate agency and lettings a UK landlord would expect to encounter. It’s provided entirely in a virtual environment which means that even those landlords located in rural and isolated places can efficiently run their business. Scottish and Northern Irish landlords may need to outsource a small fraction of the services elsewhere. An excellent combination of technology, expertise and experience yet without the personalised touch.