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Why sell your house to a cash buyer?

The most obvious reason to sell to a cash buyer is speed. If selling your house fast is the most important aspect of the need to sell then dealing with a cash property buyer will give you the best solution to achieve a fast house sale usually within a matter of weeks.

Selling your house is much faster when you are selling to someone who does not need a mortgage or a loan to buy your house. This means that the cash buyer can make a quick decision and does not have to worry about, or consider what the bank or mortgage lender thinks about your property and if they are willing to lend against it.

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Often when dealing with the bank or a mortgage lender, there are problems with surveys and issues that may affect the banks decision to lend the money against your property.

  • Is much faster when dealing with a genuine cash buyer
  • Less problems or delays as there is no mortgage or loan
  • Simpler and avoids having to deal with estate agents and buyers who let you down
  • Easier if you have had difficulties selling via an estate agent
  • The perfect solution if your house requires modernistion or is un-mortgagable
  • A fast solution to prevent repossession

Overall when dealing with a cash buyer the whole selling process is simpler and much much faster than a traditional property sale.

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