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Can Accelerate Homes Sell Your Home In Less Than 14 Days?

Susan Jones will buy your house

Susan Jones will buy your house

Accelerate Homes claim to have more than ten years’ experience in the UK property market and are specialists in helping homeowners find qualified buyers quickly. They claim to have sold thousands of homes through their partnerships with cash property buyers. They only partner with buyers who are members of respected trade bodies such as The Property Ombudsmen and The National Association of Property Buyers (NAPB), and all their partners have significant investment funds available that allow them to provide instant cash offers and complete sales in a short timeframe.

Updated and revised for June, 2024

Accelerate Homes pride themselves on their transparent and trustworthy service and aim to take the stress out of selling a house quickly. Their team of property professionals have a combined experience of over 50 years in buying and selling properties across the United Kingdom. Unlike some other fast house sale companies, Accelerate Homes do not buy properties themselves but instead, act as a broker connecting homeowners with cash buyers.

The Premise

Selling your home with Accelerate Homes is an easy and simple process they claim. You can contact them through their online form or by calling their team of experts. They will ask you to provide some basic information on the property and will then use this to connect you with one of their cash buyer partners. You will be sent a free of charge and no obligation cash estimate within 24 hours of getting in touch.

Accelerate Homes do not need to visit the property and will conduct their own online research to come up with the offer amount. If this estimate price works for you and you choose to proceed with the sale, then Accelerate Homes partners will handle the rest of the process and cover all legal fees. They claim their cash partners can complete a sale in less than seven days, or you can choose a completion date that works for you.

Contact Details

Address: Chester House, 81-83 Fulham High Street, Fulham, London, SW6 3JA, United Kingdom
Telephone: 0800 078 6902

Sales options and pricing

Accelerate Homes specialise in putting homeowners in touch with cash property buyers who can complete sales quickly and easily. Their investors will buy any property in any condition, anywhere in the United Kingdom. Their partners do not charge any fees for using their services and will cover all necessary surveying and legal fees.

Some of Accelerate Home’s partners can even offer upfront cash advances to help ease your financial burdens and help you move on. What’s more, a few of their recommended buyers will also pay your removal fees and allow you to stay in the property, rent free, while you are planning your next move.
Accelerate Homes cash buyers do not offer the open market value of a property and will usually offer significantly less than you would receive from a traditional sale. However, there are no additional fees, and you can release immediate cash from the property.

What are the positives of Accelerate Homes?

Accelerate Homes can help sell your property within seven to 14 days through their network of cash property buyers. As they do not fund the purchase themselves like some other quick house sale companies, the amount offered varies from buyer to buyer and could leave some room for negotiation.

There are no fees or charges for using their services, and the buyer will cover all valuation costs and legal fees involved in the sale, so you will always receive 100% of the offer amount. They can assist with cash advances and help you move on to your next homes, with some buyers even covering removal costs on your behalf. They have no independent online reviews but offer their own testimonials which praise Accelerate Homes on their straightforward process and helpful staff.

What are the negatives of Accelerate Homes?

When using Accelerate Homes to sell your home, you are not selling to them directly but instead to one of their cash buying partners. You may not know exactly who you are selling to, and the offer price and sales process are dependent on them as opposed to the Accelerate Homes team. They will offer significantly less than the open market value for your property in return for a fast cash sale. Accelerate Homes have no independent online reviews or testimonials from previous customers.


Accelerate Homes claims they can sell your home in less than 14 days using one of their cash buying partners. In most cases, homes can be sold within seven to 14 days, and they will purchase any property in the country, no matter what state of disrepair it is in. Accelerate Homes may not be the ideal choice for a homeowner looking to get the best offer for their home, as their partners will always offer significantly less than the asking price in return for a fast sale.

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