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Simple tips to help sell your house fast in May, 2024

Below are some easy to implement tips to help you in selling your home more successfully and to ensure you get the fastest sale possible.

  • First impressions count – make sure your home is well presented, has been cleaned and ready for viewings.
  • Ensure the front garden or porch area is clean and tidy – mow the lawn and ensure the front of the house looks presentable and appealing. Remember as above good first impressions make a difference and the front of the house is the first part that any potential purchaser will see.
  • Consider if it is worth spending a few weekends giving the rooms a lick of fresh paint. Spending a couple of hundred pounds here and some hard work could put thousands on the sale price and make it sell quicker.
  • Is your house correctly priced? Do some research to ensure your house is priced competively to sell.
  • Is your estate agent doing their job and marketing your home adequately? Check that they are advertising in all the online sales website such as Rightmove etc.
  • Obtain feedback after every viewing – find out what people like and dont like about your home. Use this information to make improvements whereb you see fit.
  • Focus on your homes selling points and benefits – such as near good local schools, easy access for travel, nearby shops and parks.
  • Now might be a good time to finish any DIY projects and focus on home improvements that will add value to your home such as new kitchens and bathrooms.

I hope these simple points above help and I wish you very success in selling your house quickly.

If you are struggling to sell on the open market or if you don’t have the time and need to sell your house fast then please contact us or request a quote for us to buy your property found here on this page.

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