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Susan Jones reviews online estate agents for 2020

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Below we’ve listed our choice of the top 25 online estate agency’s in the UK. Simply click on the link to read the review for each.

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One of the UK’s most popular and well known online estate agency brands which is highly rated. Read our experts review here or visit the Yopa website directly .

2# Strike (Formerly House Simple)

Another popular and well known estate agency brand that has won many awards from ESTAS and Online Estate Agency of the year. Read our experts review here or visit the Strike website directly.

3# Reviews of other popular online estate agency brands listed here Ask Susan

Online estate agents explained

An online estate agent is a type of real estate agency that operates primarily through an online platform rather than a traditional high street office. Online estate agents typically provide the same services as traditional estate agents, including marketing and selling residential and commercial properties, but with a greater emphasis on digital marketing and communication.

Online estate agents typically offer a range of services to help sellers list and sell their properties, including online property valuations, professional photography and virtual tours, listing on popular property websites, and negotiation and sales support. Sellers can often choose between different service packages depending on their needs, such as basic listing services, full marketing and sales support, and additional services like conveyancing and mortgage advice.

One of the key advantages of using an online estate agent is that they often charge lower fees than traditional high street agents. This is because they have lower overheads, such as rent and staff costs, and can pass these savings on to their clients. Some online estate agents charge fixed fees, while others charge a percentage of the final sale price.

Another advantage of online estate agents is the convenience and flexibility they offer. Sellers can manage their property listings and communicate with potential buyers from anywhere, at any time, using a smartphone or computer. Online estate agents may also offer more transparent and data-driven services, providing sellers with detailed information about the performance of their listings and the level of interest from potential buyers.

However, there are also some potential drawbacks to using an online estate agent. For example, sellers may not receive the same level of personal attention and support as they would from a traditional high street agent, and may need to take a more proactive role in marketing and selling their property. In addition, some online estate agents may not have the same level of local market knowledge and expertise as traditional agents, which could impact the accuracy of property valuations and sales negotiations.


Which is the best online estate agents for 2020

Read our reviews from over 25 of the UK's most popular online estate agents. We've reviewed popular brands such as YOPA, House Simple, Purple Bricks and Teplio.

Which are the best online estate agents in Scotland?

Online Estate Agent like PurpleBricks or YOPA and almost ALL of the biggest Online Estate Agents cover the whole of the UK, including Scotland. So that means you don’t have to search high and low for an online agent that specifically serves Scotland, you can work with the most popular options available, which are listed here on Ask Susan.

Which online estate agents offer a no win no fee deal?

Read our reviews to find out which online agents offer a no sale no fee basis.

How does an online estate agent compare to a high street agent?

Read Ask Susans top reviews to find out more.

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