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Bangor: Tips to selling your Bangor property quickly

We buy property in Bangor

We buy property in Bangor

Bangor in Gwynedd saw the sale of terraced properties dominate the market during the last year as sale prices reached an average of £144,146. Detached properties were also popular as they fetched an average price of £160,045 with detached properties selling for £249,660.

This meant that the average price of property in Bangor was £166,408 which is a similar price to that of properties sold in the likes of Y Felinheli.

Prices in Bangor have increased during the last year by 4%.

Selling your property quickly

When the time comes for you to sell your Bangor home, understandably, you will want to get the best price for it. In order to achieve this you will need to sell it as quickly as possible. Therefore, following the tips below will ensure that your property is up to standard which will enhance your chances of a faster sale.

De-clutter – Those items that are cluttering up your home will have to be moved. This will mean that you either throw it away or store it away. The idea behind this is to remove any mess so buyers can see exactly what your home looks like as well as whether they can fit their belongings in there.

Clean – Cleaning your home has to be a priority and so focus on every room. This will mean you need to clean carpets, hoover, wash floor, doors, walls and windows. The kitchen and bathroom are the main rooms that should be cleaned so spend time cleaning the toilets, sink, bath/shower as well as the hob and oven.

DIY – Spend time tidying up any DIY jobs that remain outstanding. This could range from something small such as a broken door handle to replacing broken patio slabs. Leaving this for potential buyers to see could result in you losing a sale.

Interior – Your buyers will be keen to see your interior in its best light and so to achieve this use light colours and subtle furnishings. Light colours and the addition of mirrors will help to spread light around rooms, making your home seem larger but also easily adaptable so that it can fit in with their needs.

Exterior – Regardless of the time of year, you have to make sure that the exterior of your property looks smart. This could involve painting your property, tidying up gardens by removing rubbish, mowing lawns and planting colourful flowers and even jetwashing your driveway.

Help to buy and sell your property

If find yourself in the position of having to sell your property quickly yet you do not have the time to wait for a buyer, we can help. At Ask Susan we can purchase your property from you for cash and at a price that works for you. No hassle, no fuss, just a simple efficient service that gives you the sale you need.

If you choose to sell your Bangor property with us then we will do all we can to find you a buyer as quickly as possible. Our team of experts will deal with every aspect of the process, ensuring that it is advertised and aimed at the right section of the market. We charge a low fee yet offer a superior service.

Best Wishes, Susan

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