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Cardiff: A sellers guide to a quick and successful house sale

We buy property in Cardiff

We buy property in Cardiff

Terraced properties made up the majority of property sales that took place in Cardiff during the last year and they sold with an average price of £190,446. Flats were also popular with their average price fetching £144,214 while semi-detached properties sold for £225,334.

Therefore, the average price of property in Cardiff was £210,321 and this made the area cheaper than the likes of Lakeside and Birchgrove.

Prices rose by 4% when compared to the previous years.

Selling your property quickly

Anyone selling a property will be entering unknown territory simply because nobody knows how long it takes to sell a property. There is no written rule which means it is a case of waiting for the right buyer to come along. However, following the tips below will enhance your chances of a quick sale.

De-clutter – You may not like the idea of removing all clutter but it will make a huge difference to your property. Throw away as much as you can and move the rest of it to cupboards or even the garage. This will help to enhance the space that you have, enabling buyers to really see your home.

Clean – Don’t hold back on the cleaning because you have to carry out a thorough job. Polish and dust all furniture and spend time on the bathroom and kitchen. These are two rooms that are used heavily and are therefore the dirtiest so buyers will inspect these. Clean carpets where possible and steam clean hard floors. Tackle every inch of your home.

DIY – It is important that you finish DIY jobs and put right any problems. Even the smallest jobs can be a problem for buyers. So whether it is a badly fitted shelf or a broken curtain rail, ensure that you spend time completing the jobs so that your home looks problem free.

Interior – Getting the interior right will certainly give your buyers food for thought. The right décor, the right colours and the right themes will help your buyers to really see your home for what it is. Encouraging light into the rooms through the use of mirrors will also help them to see what space they have.

Exterior – An untidy exterior will certainly turn buyers away so make sure that you put the effort in. Give the gardens a clean by removing rubbish and dead plants then get lawns look good with a trim. Paint the property if needed and ensure that windows and frames are bright and clean.

Help to buy and sell your property

Sometimes, circumstances beyond our force us to make decisions and the same can be said for selling a property to raise quick cash. At Ask Susan we can purchase your Cardiff property and ensure that the whole process causes as little disruption to your life as possible.

Should you wish to sell your property via our online estate agency we can take care of everything for you. This is because we have an experienced team who can market your property in the correct way while also dealing with viewings and queries from buyers. We will ensure that we get the very best price for your property.

Best Wishes, Susan

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