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Don’t write a letter of voluntary repossession!

Are you struggling with mortgage committments or mortgage arrears and are now looking to hand back the keys to your home to the lender or bank? This is called voluntary house repossession and is a route that shouldn’t be taken lightly or without expert advice or further careful consideration.

If you are considering writing a letter of voluntary repossession then we would ask you to please call us to see if we can help. There are many other more attractive and viable options that are open to homeowners who are facing difficulties than simply giving up their home to repossession.

Simply giving back your keys to the bank or lender won’t neccessarily remove the problems you have and may possible make your financial situation far worse than it is currently. Giving up your home now may burden you with mortgage arrears and further debts to pay off for a long period of time to come.

There are a range of alternative and far better solutions that are open to homeowners. We have helped hundreds of people who are considering voluntary repossession to save their home, their credit rating and helped get their finances and lifes quickly back on track.

Read more about voluntary repossession.

Best Wishes, Susan.

Best Wishes, Susan

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