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Gloucester: A sellers guide to selling your home as quickly as possible

Sell Your Gloucester Home Quickly

Sell Your Gloucester Home Quickly

Many of the sales that took place in Gloucester over the last year involved terraced properties with the average price of each sale being around £211,194. The average price of a semi-detached property reached £237,655 and detached properties sold for an average of £379,825.

Compared with other areas nearby, the average price of a property in Gloucester was £258,795 and this is similar to those properties sold in Bristol County as well as Wiltshere and Somerset. However, the most expensive area in Gloucester was Chipping Camden at £551,329 with the cheapest area being Cinderford at £153,974.

Prices in Gloucester have increased by 6% when compared to last year.

Selling your property quickly

A quick property sale means less stress as well as moving on to your next property. To achieve a quick sale, you have to ensure that your property is presented in an appealing way. The following tips will help increase your chances of a quick sale.

De-clutter- Clutter can affect the way in which potential buyers view your property and it can put them off. Throw away what you can and store away the rest. This includes items such as books, ornaments and even furniture. Ensure window sills remain clear so as much light as possible can reach the room.

Clean – Ensure that your home is as clean as possible. This means that you have to make carpets look their best as well as hard flooring. Kitchens and bathrooms have to be spotless because these are areas that buyers will look at thoroughly.

DIY – Try and finish as many DIY jobs as possible. Those creaking doors or leaking taps should be looked at and even damaged walls. If possible have a repaint to give the house a fresh look and a new colour scheme. Anything that can improve the look should be carried out.

Interior – Try to give your home a welcoming feel to it. This will make the buyers relax as soon as they walk through the door. To achieve this, look to use neutral colours and themes. Keep things simple, light and airy and buyers will see a home that they can turn into their own.
Exterior – First impressions count and the exterior of your property is important. Spruce up the garden, giving lawns a good cut and add in some new plants. Repair and repaint fencing and have a general tidy up.

Help to buy and sell your property

If you are looking for a quick sale in Gloucester, we are pleased to announce Ask Susan can help. We can purchase your property quickly, giving you a very competitive price that will ensure you get the cash you need. The process is efficient and hassle-free. It couldn’t be easier.

However, if you would prefer to sell your property on the open market we assist you. We are professional and approachable and our competitive fee makes us the right choice. We can market your property, deal with queries and handle viewings. We will do all we can to sell your property as quickly as possible.

Best Wishes, Susan

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