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Leicester: A sellers guide to selling your property quickly

We will buy your Leicester based property

We will buy your Leicester based property

During the last year, the property market in Leicester saw the sale of Semi-detached properties increase bringing with it an average sale price of £169,264. The average price of terraced properties reached £136,588 and detached properties sold for an average of £279,113.

This gave the average sale price of £180,667 which is higher than the average price of nearby Aylestone but cheaper than Clarendon Park and Stoneygate

On the whole, property prices in Leicester grew by 7%.

Selling your property quickly

When it comes to selling your house fast, a quick sale means that sellers can move onto their next property with very little hassle. It also means that they can demand the highest price for their property. To give your property the best chance of selling quickly the following tips should make a difference.

De-clutter- A house full of clutter will make it difficult for buyers to visualise the property as theirs. Therefore, take away any clutter that is not required and store it away. This will include pictures, books, CD’s and even furniture, then look at throwing away those items that you no longer need. Clear shelving and window sills to allow more light to fill the room.

Clean – Buyers will look at everything and cleanliness is one thing they are concerned about. Clean your carpets, hard flooring and windows and pay attention to the bathroom and kitchen. Grime and dirt can build up in these rooms so focus on the bath, shower, sinks, hob and oven.

DIY – An unfinished home will only mean work for potential buyers so try and complete all DIY jobs. Fill any holes or cracks in walls and repaint. Hang those missing pictures and repair leaking taps and creaking doors. Anything that needs repairing or replacing should be done.

Interior – The interior is important so spend time looking at how you can make things look better. Opt to go for a plain and simple colour scheme, this will enhance the light and make rooms seem larger. Minimise the amount of furniture and fill the property with subtle fragrances.

Exterior – The exterior of your property tells your buyers a story so you need to get it right. Start by repairing damaged lawns, walls or fences and then add in some new plants to inject a little colour. Clear away rubbish and debris and then give paths and driveways a clean.

Help to buy and sell your property

If you need to a quick sale but don’t have time to put it on the open market then can purchase your property from you. We will take care of every aspect of the process and ensure that you receive a competitive and fair price for your home. There is no hassle or stress just a quick process that gives you the cash you need as fast as possible.

For those who want to sell their Leicester property we will use our experience to achieve as quick a sale as possible. Our clear images, unique marketing methods and valuation will help you to relax and leave the hard work to use. Our fees are competitive which means you know that you are getting the best service and value for money.

Best Wishes, Susan

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