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Liverpool: A quick guide to selling your property in 2016

We buy property in Liverpool

We buy property in Liverpool

During the last year, the most commonly sold property in Liverpool were terraced properties and these sold with an average price of £103,355. The average price of a semi-detached property is £163,889 while flat sold for an average price of £112,303.

This gave the property market in Liverpool an average sale price of £145,349 which is a higher price than a number of local areas such as Walton and Orrell.

During the last year, the price of property in Liverpool, when compared to last year, has increased by 4%.

Tips to selling your property quickly

A quick and hassle free sale is what all property owners hope for when it comes to selling their property. However, this is not always the case but sellers will be pleased to know that there are some things that they can do to make their property appeal. The tips below can help you to achieve a quick sale.

De-clutter- Where possible, remove all junk and clutter. This is to ensure that rooms have as much space as possible. Throw away what you can and store away other items such as certain items of furniture, books and even picture frames. Encourage light to enter the room by clearing the window sills of any clutter.

Clean – A clean home will give a lasting impression so ensure that all rooms are hoovered or mopped and that all furniture has been dusted and polished. The main rooms to focus on are the bathroom and kitchen as these are important rooms for any buyers but they are also rooms that can become dirty.

DIY – As many DIY jobs should be completed as possible. Whether this is loose shelving, creaking doors or even loose tiles. Whatever needs doing make sure it is done because buyers will certainly notice it and it could put them off making an offer.

Interior – Buyers want to see themselves living in your home and this means you need to give them something they can work off. Ensuring that your home is clear, spacious and light will make a difference but also ensure that you use the correct colours, keeping it neutral and simple.

Exterior – First impressions count and your front garden will certainly paint a picture. Clear the garden of leaves, rubbish and any dead plants and then give any lawns a mow. Clean pathways and driveways and re-paint any fencing or walls.

Help to buy and sell your property

If you are in need of a quick sale in order to raise cash then we can assist you. We can buy your Liverpool property at a price that works for you. Our service is fast, efficient and direct ensure you receive your money in just several weeks.

If you prefer to sell your property via our online estate agency then we can take care of the process. We can photograph, market your home and even assist with viewings. We act professionally and our friendly approach makes it simple to work with us. Our fee is extremely low which makes our service a great choice.

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