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Newcastle Upon Tyne: A sellers guide to selling your house fast

We buy property in Newcastle

We buy property in Newcastle

Newcastle terraced properties proved popular last year as they formed a large part of the total sales with the average price reaching £171,480. However, semi-detached properties sold for an average price of £181,239 and flats sold for an average of £130,512.

The average price of property in Newcastle Upon Tyne was £190,253 and this made the area higher priced than Kingston Park and Fenham.

Homeowners will be pleased by the fact that house prices rose by 6% compared to last year.

Selling your property quickly

Any seller wants their property to sell quickly because it means that they can ask for the best possible price, however, some properties can take a long time to sell and this can cause problems for sellers.

Using the tips below, you can give your property the best chance of selling quickly.

De-clutter- If your property is full of clutter then you need to reduce it as much as possible. Throw away anything that you no longer need or use and store away other items such as pictures, CD’s, DVD’s and some items of furniture. Enhancing the space and light in the room will give the impression that your property is larger than it actually is.

Clean – If your home is clean, tidy and smelling good then buyers will want to spend time looking at it. Ensure that your kitchens and bathrooms are spotless so spend time cleaning sinks, baths, showers, hobs and ovens. Steam clean hard floors if possible and vacuum all carpets. Finish off with a dust and a polish of all furniture.

DIY – Potential buyers will see these jobs as a pain and it could put them off making an offer so spend time putting things right. Any DIY job that you can complete will only enhance your property so spend time fixing anything from leaking taps to stiff doors and more.

Interior – The interior is important to your buyers so you have to make them feel comfortable. Light, neutral colours will give them the chance to make their mark should they buy your home and they can easily add any colour or theme they wish. Use mirrors to increase light and the feel of space.

Exterior – A smart exterior will entice buyers into looking at your property. Ensure that the front and rear of your home is clean and tidy. If the front of your house is dirty, repaint if possible and jetwash any dirt away. Plant flowers and evergreen plants and ensure that all rubbish and debris is cleared away.

Help to buy and sell your property

Do you need to raise a large amount of cash quickly? If so, we can buy your house from you. We offer great prices and we deal with the whole process so that it is hassle free and efficient. The cash you need will be yours in no time at all and in some cases just a matter of days.

If you would prefer to sell your house in Newcastle then we have the perfect service. We can take your property and market it in the best way possible. This is all about targeting the right audience and ensuring that we deal with buyers in the best possible way. Our fees are low but our service is exceptional.

Best Wishes, Susan

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