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Southampton: A sellers guide to selling your property quickly

We buy property in Southampton

We buy property in Southampton

Flats were a popular purchase in Southampton over the last year with the average price reaching £151,480. Terraced properties came next as they sold with an average price of £198,442 while semi-detached properties also sold for an average of £230,689.

Property in Southampton, on the whole, had an average price of £207,059 and this meant that the price was very similar to local areas such as Southampton common. However, it was more expensive than the likes of Portswood.

House prices increased by a total price of 3% when compared to the previous year.

Selling your house fast

All homeowners hope that they can sell their property quickly and for the few that are lucky, they succeed but for many, they have to play the waiting game. Essentially it is a case of making your home stand out and to do this you have to make it look great inside and out. The following tips can help you to sell your property quickly.

If your home is completely full of clutter then it will work against you. This makes it especially important to ensure that you clear as much of it away as possible. Throw as much away as you can and put the rest away in a cupboard or the garage. The aim of this is to create space and increase light so your property looks more appealing.

Clean – A clean home will please potential buyers because it will allow them to see your home for what it is. This means that you will need to spend time on every room and focus on the bathroom and kitchens as these can be dirty rooms. If carpets are particularly dirty then a shampoo will help and deep clean hard floors using a steam cleaner.

DIY – Broken fittings and stiff doors will not inspire buyers so spend time putting right any problems. Carrying out jobs such as painting rooms, fixing leaking taps and repairing walls will go a long way to improve the look of your home.

Interior – Your buyers will expect an interior that allows them to see your property for what it is. An interior that is clean, sharp and neutral will really help them envisage themselves in your home. Netural paints and furnishings will create light and space allowing them to add whatever colour they wish should they purchase your home.

Exterior – You should not overlook the exterior of your home because it is vital. This is all about first impressions so if you need to repaint fences, walls or even the house then do so. Clean the garden of all rubbish and debris and trim the lawns. Ass flowers and plants to add a bit of character.

Help to buy and sell your property

If you want to sell your Southampton property quickly because your circumstances have changed then we can offer you cash for your property. We can purchase your property in very little time, offering you a price that is extremely competitive. The process is fast and honest leaving you stress-free.

We can also take care of selling your property for you. We can deal with every step of the process for a fee that is extremely competitive. Our service will take care of marketing your home, giving it a true valuation and dealing with potential buyers and their queries. Our service will not let you down.

Best Wishes, Susan

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