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by Toby Johnson on Ask susan
Fast service and detailed offers came by email as it says.

2 offers to buy my house received with furher details. A very interesting service as didnt know this kind of thing existed previously. I suspect you could make more money selling by the normal routes, but this is by far the quicker way or you have a difficult property to sell!!!

by Mick on Ask susan
All good...

Had no issues while using this firm...recieved a quote as requested.

by Jason Sanders on Ask susan
Surprisingly good!

It was better that I thought it would be. Recieved a couple of offers sent direct to my inbox. For a cash purchase and something call an assisted sale. Both were lower that my estate agents estimate, but they did guarantee the sale and could be exchanged with 7 days, which if you need a quick sale could be a good option.

by Mason on Ask susan
Very impressive quote, cant comment on service

I received a quote by email as the website advertises. I didnt follow through with the service so cant comment on that, looks professional and company legit. Got what I asked for any offer came though on my phone with option to discuss.

by Dave Mason on Ask susan
All good...

Quick quote as promised, and looks like a good service with offers within a reasonable amount. I was presented with 2 options to sell each with a different cash price offer. Looked very professional firm.

by Mrs Taylor on Ask susan
Not happy about the price

Not happy about the price I received on the quote as I think I could get more selling the house myself. Probably more worth it to those sellers who want a quick sale. There are no selling fees and states a 7 day sale so that is a positive.

by Taylor, M on Ask susan
Very sleek!

A very sleek service - and quick. Offer was delivered almost instantly by email. Service looked very professional and checked out to be legit! The downside was I could achieve a better price selling with an estate agent, but on the positives they do guarantee the sale and there was an offer of a cash upfront payment. Not a solution for everyone, but if you are willing to accept less then could be a good option.

by Mary M on Ask susan
Worked fine and request came through

2 quotes cames through for different amounts depending on the type of sale. A cash sale which was guaranteed in 7 days and an assisted sale. Both were lower than market sale price, but sale was guaranteed. Worth a look to see if the offer suits you.

by ANOM on Ask susan
Quick quote but not for the price I wanted...

Quote system worked really fast and was delivered by email. However, the price offered was less than I expected and so dissapointing. Worth a quick look to see how much they might offer you if you're looking for an alternative sale.

by Hammond on Ask susan
Impressed with the quote I got

I was sent a cash quote by email as the website says. No problems, and the prices given were pretty good also.

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