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Swansea: A sellers guide to selling your property quickly

We buy property in Swansea

We buy property in Swansea

Many of the sales that took place in Swansea over the past year have involved mainly terraced properties as they fetched an average price of £104,376. Semi-detached properties also proved popular as they sold with a higher average price of £135,170 while flats sold for an average price of £126,821.

This gave property in Swansea an average sale price of 3128,653 and this gave property a similar price to those located in the likes of Treboeth.

On the whole, property prices have increased by 3% during the last year.

Selling your property quickly

If you have plans to sell your property quickly then you will not want it hanging around on the market for too long. This can damage the asking price and could even see it being on the market for many months. If you follow the tips below you will give your property the best chance of a being purchased quickly.

De-clutter – Every home has clutter but when it comes to selling there is no place for it. It takes up space and looks untidy so do all you can to either throw it away or store it away. This will give your home extra space while also looking neat plus it will also allow more light to spread around the room.

Clean –
Work hard to get your home spotlessly clean. This will mean that you have to pay attention to kitchens and bathrooms particularly ovens and hobs as well as toilets, baths and sinks. Carpets can become tired looking so give them a shampoo and clean hard floors and windows.

DIY – Wonky curtain rails, sticking door handles or even a kitchen drawer that does not close properly can be a nuisance for potential buyers. Therefore, do all you can to iron out these small problems before viewings so your home looks its absolute best.

Interior – Choosing the right mix of colours will go a long way to making your buyers feel like they could make your home theirs. This means getting rid of bright colours and instead opting for neutral colours. Subtle colour schemes and the correct accessories in each room will help to make buyers feel at home.

Exterior – The exterior of your property has to look impressive and so you need to ensure that lawns look their best as well as bushes, trees and flowers. Clear all rubbish, dead leaves and dirt and ensure that all paintwork is fresh. Clean windows and frames to brighten up your home.

Help to buy and sell your property

If you are in need of raising cash quickly then Ask Susan can purchase you property from you. There is no fuss or stress and we ensure that we give you the very best price. The process is efficient and simple so you can get the sale you need in the fastest time possible.

Choosing to use our services to sell your Swansea property will be one of the best decisions you make. We will actively market your property and ensure that it is valued correctly while dealing with all queries and viewings. Our professionalism and expertise ensure that you receive a high quality service at a very competitive price.

Best Wishes, Susan

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