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Winchester: A sellers guide to selling your property quickly

We buy property in Winchester

We buy property in Winchester

Last year saw terraced properties sell for an average of £475,988 while flats sold for an average price of £286,001. Semi-detached properties sold for a considerably higher average price of £726,430.
This gave property in Winchester an average price of £474,588 which was substantially higher than property located in South Wonston and Kings Worthy.

Property in general, increased by 5% in price when compared to the previous year.

Selling your property quickly

Anyone who sells a property wants their property to sell fast. There really is no fun in waiting for buyers to walk through the door but the trick to getting them through the door is ensuring that your property is well presented. The tips below will provide you with a guide from which to work in order to get your property looking its best.

De-clutter – A home that is completely packed with clutter is no fun for buyers. They will not be able to see your home for what it is and it is even harder for them to see themselves living there. Clear away clutter by throwing away the items you no longer need and storing away the rest of it. A de-clutter is an important part of the process.

Clean – An in-depth clean will bring your home up to the standards expected by buyers. This means you will have to spend time cleaning each room thoroughly and that means hoovering and shampooing carpets, wiping walls and dusting. The bathroom and kitchen are the two most important rooms so spend more time cleaning these.

DIY – Finish off as many jobs as possible and leave nothing left for potential buyers. You may think that a wonky shelf won’t put them off but it could or that hole in the wall that they could fill won’t bother them. Do as much as you can and if that means fixing a blocked pipe or repairing cracks in the ceiling then put some effort into it because it will be worth it.

Interior – The interior has to be easy on the eye. This means no bright colours or eccentric themes. Keep things simple so buyers can see how they can add their own touch. Use neutral colours and simple but effective décor to draw your buyers into believing that your home could easily be theirs.

Exterior – It is important that the exterior reflects the rest of your home so spend time tidying gardens and adding in flowers to increase colour. Re-paint fencing and spend time cleaning windows, frames and guttering as well removing and rubbish or debris.

Help to buy and sell your property

If you find yourself in the position where you need to sell your Winchester property quickly then we can buy your property. We will ensure that offer a fair valuations and we promise that we will make the process as stress-free as possible. You will receive the cash you need, at a time when you need it most in the quickest time possible.

Choosing to sell your property with us will mean that you will benefit in many ways. We have experience and knowledge of the market which means your home will have a true valuation and will be aimed at the right group of buyers. Our professional team act swiftly in order to get you the sale that you want.
Should you wish to sell your property then why not get in touch with us? Contact us by phone on or email us on

Best Wishes, Susan

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