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Worcester: A sellers guide to selling your property quickly

We buy property in Worchester

We buy property in Worchester

Semi-detached properties were the favoured choice for home buyers in Worcester as the average price reached £198,046. Terraced properties also proved popular as they sold with a price that averaged £175,367 while detached properties came with an average price of £290,094.

The lead to property in Worcester having an average price of £208,108 which made property substantially lower priced that the like of Fernhill Heath as well as Crowle.

The price of property has increased during the past year by 4%.

Selling your property quickly

Selling a home can be an exciting time but it can also be a stressful time particularly if your property takes a while to sell. You have to enhance your property to the point where buyers cannot refuse to view it. To achieve this, follow the tips below.

De-clutter – You may believe that your home is not cluttered when in actual fact it probably is. Have a serious clear out of clutter and throw away as much as you can while storing the rest of it away. This will help to increase space as well as light both of which will work in your favour.

Clean – Even if you clean every day, your home will require a deep clean. Focus on those areas that pick up the most dirt such as carpets, furniture as well as the kitchen and bathroom. Hoover, polish, dust and bleach until your property is sparkling because buyers love a home that is clean.

DIY – Failing to finish DIY jobs is the quick route to receiving no offers. Therefore, spend time finishing off the odd jobs that you have avoided for so long. This could be anything such as loose kitchen tiles to a poorly fitted hand rail. Whatever the job may be, ensure that you spend time putting it right.

Interior – An appealing but easy-on-the-eye colour scheme will work wonders for your home. This is because buyers like a blank canvas. They don’t want to buy a home that they will have to repaint from top to bottom. If you can stick to tones that are neutral you will make life a lot easier for buyers. Give your home a warm and cosy feel will help buyers to settle in to your property when viewing it.

Exterior – If the exterior of your property looks good then buyers will want to see more. A tidy lawn and neatly trimmed bushes and trees will make a garden look established. Clean windows as well as the frames and if possible freshen things up by painting garage doors, fencing or even the property.

Help to buy and sell your property

If you find yourself in the position of requiring a quick sale then don’t panic because we can purchase your property for cash. Avoid waiting for a buyer and allow us to offer you a competitive price for your property. This will remove any stress and because we take care of all paperwork, you can have the cash you need quickly.

Our ability to successfully market your property and put buyers in touch with your home is why our service works for many people. We are professional in everything that we do from valuation to marketing to viewings, we have it all covered. We guarantee that we will find you a buyer and we promise that we will not charge the earth.

Best Wishes, Susan

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