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Birmingham: A sellers guide to selling your property quickly

We'll sell your Birmingham based property

We’ll sell your Birmingham based property

Birmingham offers its residents the opportunity to live in the heart of a bustling city or the leafy suburbs. A large number of property transactions in Birmingham over the last year have involved terraced properties with the average price reaching £143,648. The average price of a semi-detached property was £173,806 while apartments sold for an average of £136,927.

The overall average price of a property in Birmingham is £168,062 and prices in the city centre are only slightly higher at £170,756. However, other areas of Birmingham are considerably cheaper with averages of £139,025 in Sparkhill and £104,295 in Small Heath. On the whole prices increased by 6% when compared to last year.

Selling your property quickly

If you are selling your property on the open market then you have to make your property look better than the rest. The following tips will help you to sell your property as fast as possible.

De-clutter- clearing your house of unnecessary clutter will make it look more spacious. So, throw away what you don’t need, store away toys, CD’s and ornaments as well as any other belongings such as cleaning products in the kitchen and cosmetics in the bathroom. To add extra light to your house, remove items from the windowsill and open all doors.

Have a good clean –
Clean your home from top to bottom. Dust everywhere and clean the walls, carpets, windows and anything else that is on show. People like a clean bathroom and kitchen, so clean the hob and oven as well cupboard and draw fronts and the sink. Give all toilets, sinks, showers and baths a thorough clean to ensure everything is spotless.

Finish off odd jobs – Replace any broken lightbulbs, remove any marks on the walls or fill holes from past DIY jobs. Don’t be afraid to get a small amount of painting done in order to make the house look like it has been cared for.

Interior –
Attempt to make the property as light and airy as possible but also make it feel homely. Soft furnishings always make things look more appealing and mirrors in the correct place can help to distribute light. Try to get a common theme in each room so it doesn’t look too scatty. A bit of uniformity will make it easier for viewers to see the bigger picture.

Exterior – The outside gives potential buyers a first impression, even if they are just driving by. Cut the lawns, remove the weeds, trim any trees or bushes and wash the driveway even give the fence a lick of paint.

Help to buy and sell your property

If you are looking to sell your property quickly then we can help. We can purchase your property from you without you having to go through the hassle of finding an estate agent, advertising it, viewings or even having to wait for those buyers who are part of a chain.

We can purchase or help to sell your birmingham property at a price that is competitive and the we can have it completed in just a few weeks.

If you have plans to advertise your property, we can take care of everything. We will advertise it on all of the well-known property websites as well as our own. We will take photographs that will really show off your property and we will market it at a price that reflects the current market situation using our online estate agency solution.

Best Wishes, Susan

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