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Bradford: A sellers guide to selling your property quickly

We'll sell your Bradford based property

We’ll sell your Bradford based property

Bradford, one of the largest cities in the North West has grown in recent years and the same can be said for the property market. Most of the sales that occurred in Bradford over the last year have involved terraced properties with the average price reaching £93,603. The average price of a semi-detached property reached £120,085 with detached properties selling for an average of £212,231.

The overall average price of a property in Bradford is £118,302 which is more expensive than Wibsey or Fagley as they have average prices of £105,510 and £85,567 respectively. However, Clayton does have a higher average price of £131,958 but in the last year prices have increased by 9% on the previous year.

Selling your property quickly

To sell your property quickly you have to make sure that it grabs the attention of potential buyers. To achieve this, the following tips will help to make a difference.

De-clutter- Remove any clutter or items that you do not need by either throwing them out or storing them away. Children’s toys, DVD’s, ornaments and even some furniture can be stored away so that your home looks clutter-free and more spacious. Increase light by moving obstacles away from windowsills and doorways.

Clean –
Ensure that your property is spotless. Hoover, polish, dust, mop floors and clean windows. Spend time on the rooms that matter such as the kitchen and the bathroom so make sure that hobs, ovens, sinks and taps are sparkling as well as toilets, showers and baths. A clean kitchen and bathroom will give the impression that you have always looked after the rest of your property.

DIY – Make sure you finish any jobs that you may have started and do your best to smarten up your home. This can be achieved through painting, replacing broken tiles or flooring. Wipe away marks and scuffs from the walls and replace any fittings that may have fallen down.

Interior – Do all you can to make the property look and feel as big as possible. Mirrors and lighting can make a huge difference while making the home feel warming and homely can make potential buyers feel comfortable during their viewing. Colour schemes adds level of consistency to rooms and this can allow viewers to see what it looks like when each room is decorated in a certain way.

Exterior – The exterior of any property can look worn and tired as a result of the weather. During the summer months remove weeds and ensure that borders are neat and tidy and lawns are cut appropriately. If the front of your property requires painting then do it and give your windows a good clean.

Help to buy and sell your property

We can help you to achieve a quick sale through our property purchase service. If you need to raise cash quickly then we can offer you a competitive price for your property which removes any of the hassle that comes with a traditional sale. The whole process takes very little time and you can have your property sold in just weeks.

If you want to sell your Bradford house using the traditional method then we can advertise your property for you at a fee that is extremely competitive via our online estate agency. We will handle all viewings and advertise your property on all of the relevant platforms. Selling your property with us will enable you to benefit from our knowledge and expertise.

Best Wishes, Susan

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