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Brighton and Hove: A sellers guide to selling your house fast

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Over the past 12 months, the majority of properties sold were flats with the average price reaching £264,682. The average price of a terraced property was £438,628 and the average price of a semi-detached property reached £369,778.

Therefore, the average price of property in Brighton and Hove was £357,437. Nearby Kemp Town also saw average prices reach a slightly higher amount of £363,287 but property in Brighton Marina had a lower average price of £36,442, while Preston Park had an average price of £388,013.

Over the last year, house sales in Brighton and Hove have increased by 7% when compared to the previous year and it is up by 23% when compared to 2013.

Selling your property quickly

For those who are considering selling their property, the way in which it looks can determine how quick it sells. The following tips will give your property the best chance of being purchased quickly.

De-clutter- By simply removing all unnecessary items you can instantly create more space. A cluttered house makes it difficult for potential buyers to see what they are buying so throw away anything that you no longer need and store away other items such as ornaments, toys or any other items that should not be on display. Removing picture frames or ornaments from windowsills will also allow more light into rooms.

Clean – If your home is clean then potential buyers will think that it has been looked after. Clean all floors and spend time on the kitchen and bathrooms because these are the rooms where odours occur. Polish all sink, bath and shower fittings and clean the hob and oven also dust everywhere and clean the windows.

DIY – Finish off those unwanted jobs and make sure everything is fitted as it should be. Fill any holes in the wall and even paint rooms to freshen things up, if painting is not an option give the walls a wipe down to remove any scuff marks.

Interior –
Ensuring that the interior of your home looks good is important as this is where buyers will spend most of their time. If you can try to give rooms a neutral, spacious, airy feeling then go for it.

It will allow buyers to feel like they are looking at a blank canvas which will allow them to think about adding their own touch. Add mirrors to increase lighting and the feel of space.

Exterior – First impressions count and that is why the outside has to look appealing. Ensure the lawns look tidy, remove unwanted plants and weeds and consider giving the driveway and paths a good clean. You could paint fences or even the outside of your property if you want to add an extra element of freshness.

Help to buy and sell your property

For those property owners who are considering a quick sale, we can help. We can purchase your property from you with no hassle or fuss and at a very competitive rate. In just a few weeks, you could have the cash you need without the stress of going through a complete sale process.

If you are considering selling you property on the open market then we can help you in every way. High quality photographs, the correct marketing and viewings taken care of – our sales team are professional and knowledgeable. Our prices are competitive and we promise to achieve a sale in the shortest time possible.

Best Wishes, Susan

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