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Chester: A sellers guide to selling your property quickly

We Buy Chester Properties

We Buy Chester Properties

During the last year, the majority of property transactions in Chester involved semi-detached properties with the average price reaching £210,294. The average price of a terrace property was £181,242 while detached properties sold for an average of £349,496.

The overall average price of a property in Chester was £220,102 while the nearby areas of Hoole, Blacon and Upton had average prices of £225,862, 3125,383 and £246,782 respectively.

During the last year, house prices have been moving in the right direction as they have increased by 3%.

Selling your property quickly

If you want to sell your house fast as possible then it has to be unique and stand out from the other properties on the market. To achieve a successful sale in quick time, the following tips will make a difference.

De-clutter- There is no need for your property to be filled with junk as it makes it difficult for potential buyers to really see what they are purchasing. Therefore, throw away any items that you no longer require and try to store as much away as possible. This includes books, CD’s and even furniture and do your best to keep the windows clear so plenty of natural light can fill the room.

Clean – Do your best to clean as thoroughly as possible because it really will make the world of difference. Hoover, mop, polish and dust and be sure to spend time on your kitchen and bathroom, paying attention to the hob, oven, sinks, and bath.

DIY – Finish off any DIY jobs and do as much as you can to make the property look sound. Fill cracks and holes, touch up or repaint rooms and fix any leaking taps or radiators.

Interior – Keeping the interior and clean and clear as possible will allow the buyers to see what they are purchasing. Try to get a good colour scheme in place that will allow them to move in without having to re-paint. Neutral colours work well, while mirrors and additional lighting can make rooms appear larger than they actually are.

Exterior – Give the outside of your property a good tidy up. Make sure lawns look good by mowing, weeding and even laying down new seed. Remove any rubbish, give the driveway or paths a clean down and repair or repaint any fencing or walls

Help to buy and sell your property

Perhaps you need to sell your Chester property quickly in order to raise extra cash? If so, we can help. Our competitive prices and no-hassle service can purchase your property from you in just a matter of weeks. A simple way for you to sell you property and get the cash you need.

For those clients who are looking to sell their property then our online estate agency service can take care of everything. We will actively market your property, deal with the paperwork and take viewings.

It couldn’t be any easier. Our competitive fees and exceptional service is what makes us unique.

Best Wishes, Susan

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