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Chichester: A sellers guide to selling your property quickly

We Buy Chichester Properties

We Buy Chichester Properties

Terraced properties made up the majority of property transactions in Chichester over the last year with the average price reaching £340,155. The average price of a flat was £226,973 and the average price or a detached property was £518,545.

Throughout Chichester, the average price of property was £348,828 which is more expensive than the surrounding areas of Fishbourne and Tangmere although Lavant was more expensive at £397,250.

The price of property in Chichester has increased by 8% during the last year.

Selling your property quickly

In order to achieve a successful sale then you have to ensure that your property looks its best. This means that it has to be more attractive and appealing than other properties in the same price range.

Follow the tips below to give your property the best chance of selling fast.

De-clutter- Get rid of any items in your home that you no longer need. The idea is to free up space so that your home looks more spacious so store away any items that do not need to be on display. Move furniture around or even store it away and increase light by clearing the windowsills.

Clean – Buyers will instantly look to see if a property is clean, especially the bathroom and kitchen. Pay attention to these rooms and the problem areas such as sinks, hobs, ovens and baths. Hoover all rooms and mop hard floors and ensure that all furniture is free of dust.

DIY – Get your home into shape my carrying out a little DIY. Fix any loose fittings, repair and cracks, scuffs or holes in the walls and have a general tidy up. Buyers will notice the smallest of things such as creaking doors or a leaking tap so pay attention to these.

Interior – Make your buyer want to live in your home by making it easy for them to see themselves in it. A clean colour scheme that enables them to envisage themselves in your home will work and it will also give them a relatively blank canvas, making it easier for them to put their stamp on the place. Too many colours will confuse things, so go for light, neutral colours and some mirrors to bounce light around the room.

Exterior – When your buyers pull up to your property they need to be amazed, so spend time on the exterior. A lick of paint here and there, cut lawns, coloured plants and a clean driveway will give a great first impression.

Help to buy and sell your property

At Ask Susan we can buy your property from you. Perhaps you need to raise cash or you need to move quickly, regardless of the needs we can offer a competitive price for your property. The process is simple and quick and is completed in just a few weeks.

If you are looking to sell your Chichester house quickly then we can help. We are a reputable estate agent who takes care of every aspect of the selling process. We will take photographs, market your property and deal with viewings, all for a fee that is low.

If you are looking to sell your property or you would like us to buy your property from you, contact us using the quote form found here on this page.

Best Wishes, Susan

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