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Newry: A sellers guide to selling your property quickly

We buy property in Newry

We buy property in Newry

The property market in Newry has seen a lot of activity during the last year as the average price of a Semi-detached property reached £125,459 with detached properties selling for an average of £204,419.

Terraced properties proved popular as they sold with an average price of £92,873 while flats had a lower average price of £68,606.

As a whole the property market increased by 11% during the past 12 months.

Selling your property quickly

Nobody knows how long it will take to sell their property and this could mean that some have a long wait until the right buyers comes along. This is fine for those willing to wait but for those who want to sell quickly, the list of tips below will help you to turn your property into a place that buyers will be unable to resist.

De-clutter – Buyers don’t want to be tripping over clutter or wondering what your walls look like without any clutter in the way. Removing clutter makes life easier for your buyers so do your very best to throw away clutter but also store the items that you want to keep.

Clean – Cleaning your home is a job that is worthwhile. This will give your home a lift as it will make it feel fresh and new. Cleaning carpets and removing any stains will give them a new lease of life and scrubbing toilets, sinks, baths, showers as well as ovens and help to bring them back to their best. Buyers will want your home to feel clean plus they will want to come away feeling clean.

DIY – Regardless of how much you despise DIY you have to complete as many jobs as you can. This could include painting rooms or even fixing fencing but whatever the job may be, completing it will mean that your buyers will see a complete property and not a property that they have to patch back together.

Interior – By keeping the interior of your home simple and understated, you will make it easy for buyers to visualise themselves in your home. Keep themes simple and make sure that you choose accessories that are not to elaborate because this makes it easy for buyers to see your property for what it really is.

Exterior – It is important that you keep the exterior of your home looking its best. This will require you to weed and cut lawns as well as trim any overgrown trees or bushes. Cleaning garage doors as well as windows will enhance the brightness of your home while painting fences will certainly lift it to the next level.

Help to buy and sell your property

A sale can take time and when time is not on your side why not choose to let Ask Susan to buy your Newry property from you. We can help you to find the cash that you need by buying your property for a price that is honest and competitive. Our team will deal with every aspect of the purchase so you can take it easy.

Choosing to sell your property with us is a wise move. This is because we have experience which means we know what it takes to sell your home. Leave us to find you a buyer by letting us use our marketing knowledge and ability to price your property correctly. We are approachable and friendly and know exactly what potential buyers are looking for.

Best Wishes, Susan

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