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St Davids: A sellers guide to selling your property quickly

We buy property in St David's

We buy property in St David’s

Many of the property transactions that took place in St Davids during the last year involved semi-detached properties where they sold for an average price of £203,000. The average price of a detached property was £398,579 while terraced properties sold for an average of £297,300.

This gave a complete average price for property in St Davids of £291,931 which is relatively similar to the average price of property in Solva although it was more expensive than nearby Newgale.

Compared to the previous year’s prices, the cost of property had increased by 28%.

Selling your property quickly

To sell your property quickly means that it has to meet the high expectations of buyers. There are many properties currently on the market and so you have to ensure that yours stands out in every possible way. The tips below can help you to give your property a rapid makeover so that it can sell quickly.

De-clutter –
Choosing to de-clutter may seem like a big decision but it will enable you to offer more to buyers. Deciding what to throw away and what to keep is important but ensure that the items you do keep are stored away out of sight. This will help to increase space and light within your rooms.

Clean – While you may clean your home religiously every day still carry out a thorough clean from top to bottom. Clean bathrooms and kitchens, tiles and walls and even doors. Shampoo and hoover carpets and mop hard floors while cleaning the inside of windows will help more light to enter the room.

DIY – Even if you are not the most competent DIY person, ensure that all jobs are completed. Small problems like cracks in walls or faded paint can all put buyers off so ensure that you put things right as soon as possible.

Interior –
Your buyers will want a home that is easy to make their own. Therefore, choosing light colours and themes will increase the feel of space and light but it will also make it simple for them to see how they can add their touch. Anything bold and bright will simply be overpowering and could put them off purchasing your home.

Exterior – The exterior of your home will form the first impression so it has to look its best. Tidy up lawns by giving them a cut and remove any dead plants, replacing them with new. Brush away muck as well as well rubbish and debris. Ensure any exterior paint work looks good and give the windows and frames a clean.

Help to buy and sell your property

If you find yourself in need of a fast sale then come to Ask Susan because we can help you. We can buy your property from you , regardless of its condition for a fair and reasonable price. The process if fast and discreet and will result in you getting the money that you need.

If the time has come for you to sell your St David’s property then coming to us is the right decision. We can handle your property and ensure that it is advertised in the correct way so that it targets the right buyers. We will take excellent images, market it in the most efficient way and handle with any queries. Our service is fast, successful and extremely well priced.

Best Wishes, Susan

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Ask Susan is a UK based cash house buyer who purchases property quickly from those who require a fast house sale.

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