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Peterborough: A basic sellers guide to selling your home quickly

The average price of a terraced property in Peterborough last year was £134,239 and the majority of property sales involved terraced properties. Semi-detached properties also proved popular and they sold for an average of £163,113 while detached properties had an average price of £243,342.

This gave property sales in Peterborough an average price of £169,067 and this made it similar to areas close by, such as Werrington although it was cheaper than Longueville.

On the whole, the price of property in Peterborough increased by 4%.

Selling your property quickly

A quick sale is possible if you do the right things. This means ensuring that your property is ready for viewings while looking as good as it possibly can. It only takes a small amount of time but it is worth it. The tips below will hopefully give you the best chance of a quick sale.

De-clutter- Removing clutter will make a huge difference so do your best to get rid of as much as possible. Throw away what you don’t want and put the items you want to keep in the shed or garage. The idea behind this is to enable buyers to see what your property has to offer them.

Clean – Spend time ensuring that all rooms are clean. The most important rooms are the bathroom and kitchen because they are used heavily and can become dirty. The hob and oven can become greasy while the bathroom can become full of grime and limescale. Clean carpets and hard floors and then look to clean all furniture.

DIY – Even the smallest of DIY problems can cause problems for buyers. So focus on fixing even the smallest of problems, even if it is something as simple as a stiff door. Repaint if you can and touch up and marks or cracks. This is a task that could be time-consuming but it will definitely make the difference.

Interior – The majority of buyers time is spent indoors so the interior has to suit them. Keeping colours simple and themes fairly neutral will give them the scope to see what they can add to the home. Increase light where possible and make rooms as clear as you can so they can see every corner of every room.

Exterior – The exterior of all homes can look worn over the course of a year so spend time having a clean. Sweep up leaves and rubbish and wash patios, pathways and driveways. Clean windows and window frames while the garden could do with a mow and an injection of colour through plants.

Help to buy and sell your property

Should you find yourself in a situation where you have to sell your property quickly, then we can help. We can purchase your property from you and get you’re the cash you need. We offer competitive prices and ensure that we deal with all relevant paperwork to help speed the process up.

We also have a vast experience in selling property within Peterborough and this means that we can make your property work for you. We can market it positively and ensure that potential buyers see your property for what it is and at a price that reflects the true market valuation. We make everything as simple as possible and all for a low fee.

Best Wishes, Susan

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