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Preston: A sellers guide to a quick house sale

We buy property in Preston

We buy property in Preston

Semi-detached properties were a popular choice last year as they made up the majority of sales in Preston and they sold with an average price of £151,845. The average price of a terraced property was £97,862 while detached properties sold for an average price of £234,200.

This gave property in Preston an average price of £144,573 which made the area slightly more expensive that Ashton-On-Ribble but cheaper than the likes of Fulwood.

There was no real movement in the property market in Preston as prices remained at a similar level to what they were last year.

Selling your property quickly

In an ideal world, any homeowner that is selling their property would love a quick sale. However, this is beyond their control as their only hope is that the right buyer comes along at the right time. There are some things that you can do to give your home the best chance of being purchased quickly so take a look at the following simple quick sale tips.

De-clutter – Nobody like an untidy home and this is specifically true for buyers. Clearing any clutter that you have around your home will give your property the feeling of extra space. Do what you can to throw away as much as possible and store those items that you want to keep in a shed, garage or cupboard.

Clean – Deep cleaning your home will give buyers the chance to see your home in its best possible condition. Rooms such as the kitchen and bathroom are crucial because these do tend to pick up the most dirt while you should also focus on carpets and other flooring. Wash down walls if possible as well as doors and windows.

DIY – Do not try and get away without finishing any DIY repairs. Small jobs such as fixing loose tiles or a leaking tap should be completed and even problems such as poorly fitted shelving should be rectified. Give rooms a repaint if possible to freshen things up.

Interior – Buyers want to feel like they are looking around a home that could instantly become theirs and so you have to make it possible to feel this way. Choosing easy colour tones that are not too bright will create space but also allow buyers to envisage what they can add to each room. Open curtains and blinds as wide as possible to let more light in and keep rooms clear.

Exterior – The exterior of your home is battered by elements so do all you can to make it look as good as possible. Remove all debris and old plants and give the lawn a makeover by repairing patches and giving it a cut. If possible, give walls and fences a paint and wash all patios and pathways.

Help to buy and sell your property

If you require a quick sale, then we can buy your property from you. We will give you the best possible price and ensure that the whole process is completed as quickly as possible.

Should you wish to sell your Preston property fast, our professional service will ensure that it is marketed efficiently while we will value your property to make sure that it is aimed at the correct buyers.

We will handle queries, viewings while guaranteeing that our low fee comes with a professional service.
If you are looking for further information or would like to sell your property with us then complete the quote form found on this page.

Best Wishes, Susan

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