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Sunderland: A sellers guide to selling your home quickly

We buy property in Sunderland

We buy property in Sunderland

The property market in Sunderland over the past year, saw Semi-detached properties prove popular as they made up the majority of transactions with an average price of £136,735.

Terraced properties were also a preferred choice with their average price reaching £101,436 while detached properties sold for an average of £246,674.

This gave property in Sunderland an average price of £132,720 which meant that property was more expensive than areas such as Barnes but cheaper than the likes of Roker.

Prices of property in Sunderland did not change during the course of the last year.

Selling your property quickly

There are things that can be done to encourage a quick sale and this is all about attracting buyers through enhancing the look and feel of your property. While a lot of it is to do with finding the right buyer at the right time, the tips below will make you realise that there are many things that you can do.

De-clutter –
Buyers, essentially want to see as much of your home as they can. This means you have to get rid of clutter and as much of it as possible. You will need to commit to throwing away items that you no longer need and you will need to store away the other items. Removing items such as ornaments, some pictures and even DVD’s will give the impression of space while helping more light to fill the room.

Clean – Spending time cleaning your home will encourage your buyers to feel more comfortable. The kitchen and bathroom are usually rooms that can become rather dirty so focus on those troublesome areas. Carpets can become dirty so shampoo where possible and deep clean hard floors. If your walls and doors are grubby then give them a wipe down as well.

DIY – As much as you may hate DIY, the chances are your buyers will as well so spend time completing as many jobs as you can. Repair walls, doors and even shelving to make sure everything looks as it should. If there are any leaking taps or shower heads ensure that they are repaired as they can be a nuisance for potential buyers.

Interior – If your interior is designed and decorated in the right way it will really make a difference. This will mean that you have to stick to lighter, more neutral colours because they are not only easy on the eye but they are versatile. Buyers will want to move in and make the property theirs and neutral colours will allow them to add their own colour. Subtle accessories and furnishings will also help you home to feel more warming.

Exterior – Spending time on the exterior of your home will set you off on the right foot because it is the first thing buyers see. Clear the gardens of dead plants and trim your grass so it looks tidy. Add new flowers for colour and spend time cleaning windows, driveways, pathways and patios.

Help to buy and sell your Sunderland property

If a change of circumstances means that you need an exceptionally quick sale then come to Ask Susan. We can take away the stress and hassle of waiting for a buyer as we can purchase your property for cash. We will offer a competitive price and work quickly to complete the purchase.

We can also sell your Sunderland property for you and this means that we will take care of everything. Our online estate agency team will take sharp images, use the right marketing tools and handle potential buyers. Our service is efficient and will certainly help you to sell your property as quickly as possible at a price that is affordable.

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Best Wishes, Susan

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