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Truro: A sellers guide to selling your property quickly

We buy property in Truro

We buy property in Truro

The property market in Truro experienced a large number of sales involving terraced property that saw the average price reach £215,873. Flats sold for an average of £181,598 and detached properties sold with an average price of £356,849.

On the whole, the average price of property in Truro was £252,739 which is a similar price to that seen in areas such as Probus and Brighton.

Prices increased throughout Truro by 4% when compared to last year.

Selling your Truro property quickly

If your property has something extra to offer then it is going to sell before other properties in the same price bracket but you have to ensure that it is better than the rest. This doesn’t have to cost the earth as the following tips show how you can make your property turn heads with just a little work and investment.

De-clutter – Don’t leave your property full of clutter because buyers will instantly be put off. Clear as much as possible to make space by either throwing it out or storing it away. This means ornaments, some pictures and even furniture will have to be put away. A de-clutter will make your home feel instantly more spacious.

Clean – Have a thorough spring clean by cleaning your home from top to bottom. Tackle as much as possible, especially toilets, bathrooms and kitchens as these are rooms that can become dirty over time. Clean walls, doors and skirting boards and have a thorough clean of all flooring.

DIY – Buyers will not want to complete your DIY jobs so it is important that you finish them. Spending time on things such as repainting, fixing issues and dealing with small problem will ensure that your home is ready to sell and most of all it will mean that buyers will not have to worry about it.

Interior – The interior of your property is important in every way. Light carpets, neutral colours and homely furnishings will make your buyers fall in love with your property as it will allow them to instantly add their own touch should they purchase it. Clever positioning of mirrors and accessories will instantly transform your room.

Exterior – Give your gardens and the exterior of your property a little TLC. This will go a long way to transforming the way it looks. Keep on top of lawns, add new flowers and spend time cleaning up the front and rear of all rubbish and debris. Paint fences and clear driveways to give your property that neat and tidy look.

Help to buy and sell your property

If you find yourself in a position where you have to sell your property then turn to Ask Susan. We can purchase your property for cash and we promise that we will give you our very best price. Our team are efficient and committed which means we will complete the process in as quick a time as possible.

If you have plans to sell your Truro property on the open market place then allow us to put you in touch with the right buyers via our online estate agency service. Our active marketing strategy and ability to work for your property enables us to provide you with a service that works in every way. We keep our fees low and our standards high.

Best Wishes, Susan

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