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Wakefield: A sellers guide to selling your property quickly

We buy property in Wakefield

We buy property in Wakefield

Semi-detached properties sold for an average price of £144,830 in Wakefield, West Yorkshire and they made up the majority of sales. Detached properties were also particularly popular and they had an average price of £256,860 while terraced properties came with an average price of £120,733.

This created an average price for property in Wakefield of £168,908 which made the area lower priced than that of Wrenthorpe but more expensive than Outwood.

Prices had increased by 5% throughout the area when compared to the previous year.

Selling your property quickly

Selling a home can be a stressful time as buyers come through the door but never seem to make an offer. Your home may be the same as all the others out there and this could be the problem. By making subtle changes you can instantly make your home more appealing and tips below are aimed at helping you achieve this.

De-clutter- Clutter can build up in any home very quickly, so do your best to reduce the amount you have. The aim here is to increase space so throw away the clutter you no longer need and store the rest of the clutter such as books, DVD’s, magazines and even ornaments. This will open up your rooms to make them appear as though they have more room.

Clean – Get to work by scrubbing bathrooms and kitchens to the point where they look brand new. Buyers like clean bathrooms and kitchens because they are they rooms where hygiene is most important. Spend time cleaning carpets and removing stand as well as washing walls and doors. Vacuum carpets and wash hard flooring while cleaning windows will improve lighting.

DIY – You have to finish all the jobs that have been on your list for some time. They could be something as big as repairing a fence to something as small as fitting a toilet roll holder. Whatever it may be, you have to ensure that it is done because buyers will notice and they will instantly form an opinion on your property.

Interior – A splash of paint here and there will help to freshen things up but make sure you stick to a neutral colour. Give your buyers the chance to see how they can put their own mark on your home. Make the home feel welcome and buyers will instantly warm to it while the use of mirrors and lighting will help to add more space.

Exterior – A smart exterior will certainly work in your favour so put in the effort here. Paint the exterior of your home if possible and even your garage door and then spend time clearing the garden of any rubbish, debris or dead plants. Mow the lawns and add some flowers for colour and finish by cleaning driveways and patios to bring them back to life.

Help to buy and sell your property

If you require a quick buyer then look no further than Ask Susan. We can purchase your property from you at a price and speed that will make you smile. We understand that sometimes circumstances change so we work discreetly and professionally to get things completed in a timeframe that suits you.

Should you wish to sell your Wakefield property on the open market place then we can also help. We will give your property a true value that will work for you and we will also market it in the correct way via our online estate agency. Our friendly staff and ability to liaise with buyers will ensure that your property is offered to the right buyers so your property sells as soon as possible at the very best price.

Best Wishes, Susan

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