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  1. Bath: A sellers guide to selling your property quickly

    Property owners in Bath who are looking to sell their property quickly are certainly looking to sell at a time where the property market is on the rise. Bath is a very attractive city that has beautiful architecture and is an extremely desirable area to live, especially for those who commute into Bristol for work […]

  2. Don’t write a letter of voluntary repossession!

    Are you struggling with mortgage committments or mortgage arrears and are now looking to hand back the keys to your home to the lender or bank? This is called voluntary house repossession and is a route that shouldn’t be taken lightly or without expert advice or further careful consideration. If you are considering writing a […]

  3. We Buy Houses Fast Manchester

    If you live in Manchester or within the surrounding area and require a fast and professional cash sale of your house then we can help. We are genunie cash property buyers who are looking to purchase properties within the Manchester city and greater Manchester areas. Typically we can purchase a property within a 7 day […]

  4. Help with a suspended repossession order

    A suspended repossession is when you have come to some agreement with your lender and the repossession process has been suspended or “put on hold” following the outcome of a court repossession hearing. The suspension order will only maintain in place as long as you keep to the terms that you agreed to with your […]

  5. House Repossession Advice

    It is important to consider that only a judge in a court can decide to repossess your home. Your lender or bank can not do this and there are set rules and practices that need to be followed by the law. If the process is not done and followed correctly by the law then you […]

  6. Repossession Laws

    House repossession laws and what you need to know If you have received a court summons for your home repossession and have to go to court, you will have already experienced some of the legal language used in home repossession law. If you are facing home repossession and need to sell your house to pay […]