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Sell House Fast Reviews

Sell house fast reviews

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If you are considering selling your house to a fast buyer then you may wish to review the sale options that are open to you and how each cash house buyers compares.

By carefully reviewing each company side-by-side this will enable you to compare accurately which is the best sale option for you, and will ultimately provide you with the best fast house sale solution and cash price for your home.

Reviewing your options – making the right choice

As you search the internet looking for a fast property buyer who can reliably buy your property you may find that there is a lot of choice and you may find that it’s hard to distinguish one property company, individual or organisation from another.

On the surface many of the property buyers appear to be offering the same or a similar service, however in reality this isn’t the truth when you dig a little deeper into their business and how they actually purchase property quickly.

Reviews – How do they compare and what should you be looking out for?

Here are some point to review, things to look out for and questions to ask your buyer:

  • Are they a genuine cash house purchaser? – Can they show you proof of cash funds available?
  • How much experience does the cash buyer have and how long have they been trading/buying houses for?
  • Do they buy houses quickly in your area? Ask for examples of recently bought fast property sales
  • How fast can they really buy your house and does this suit your needs?
  • Do they purchase property themselves or do they buy houses quickly on behalf of others?
  • Do they offer a sale and rent back option – can they buy your house and rent it back to you?
  • Are they clear and upfront about the buying and sales process – can they explain this simply and with detail?
  • Can they provide you with testimonials or examples of similar homes they have purchased quickly in the past?
  • Do they require an upfront fee? WARNING: Never deal with an organisation that is requesting an upfront fee from you.
  • Do they want to tie you into an exclusive contract? This would often prevent you from selling fast to someone else if you were offered a higher sale price elsewhere.

Take your time to review your options before agreeing to sell

It is important that you should take your time and review all the selling options that are open to you. A good professional cash house buyer will run through all the options that are open to you and what would best suit your circumstances and needs when selling your house. You may be in a hurry and need to sell quickly, but it is important to take your time in assessing you’re selling to the right kind of cash buyer, and that they have the experience, means and capability to buy your house quickly as they have promised.

How does a cash buyer compare with trying to sell quickly via an estate agent?

An estate agent acts as a “middle man” between yourself and the potential buyer. A cash buyer is generally an organisation, individual or company that buys houses quickly directly using their own cash funds. With this in mind, a genuine cash buyer is able to purchase your home much quicker than when compared to trying to sell your home on the open market via an estate agent – see the advantages of selling to a cash buyer here.

Sale and rent back reviews

If you are considering selling and renting back your house then the main consideration you should have is to ensure that the firm, individual or company you deal with is fully authorised by the FCA to carry out sale and rent back agreements. Since 30th June 2010 everyone who carries out a sale and rent back must have the correct authorisation from the FCA – Financial Conduct Authority. Therefore you should only ever deal with an authorised company when wishing to sell and rent back your home. Anyone who is dealing with SARB agreements and is not registered with the FCA will not be able to provide you with any protection and is breaking the law and should be avoided completely.

We can help whatever your sale requirements

If you are finding it difficult to sell your house as fast as your would like, or if you have a house that requires work or modernisation or a lot of refurbishment then you may find selling quickly via a cash house buyer is the best option for you.

We can provide you with cash sale quotes for sale and rent back, assisted property sales, or a quote if you simply need a straightforward fast property sale. Our sales process is guaranteed to be without any hassles you would normally get when attempting to sell your house fast via a regular estate agent or auction house.

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