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Continue to live in your home after it has been sold

Continue to live in your home after it has been sold

You can sell your house quickly and then to continue to live in it with an approved and regulated sale and rent back scheme.

Sale and rent back schemes were set up to enable home owners to sell their house and then have the option to rent it back over the long term as tenants.

This is the perfect solution for many as they would benefit from selling their home quickly and still being able to live in it – and not having to find somewhere else to live after the sale of their home.

We will buy your house and rent it back to you under a long term tenancy agreement. We as the landlords would be responsible for all the maintenance and up keep of the property. You the new tenants would have the benefit of continuing to live in your home as you did before.

If you would like a sale and rent back quote or to speak with a regulated advisor please complete the form opposite and request a rent back quote

Sale and rent back is a popular option for those who needed to release equity in their home by selling it fast, but then had the option to continuing living in the home they know for as long as they wished.

Important update: Sale and rent back’s are now regulated by the FSA (Financial Services Authority) and as such please ensure that you only deal with a regulated SARB provider.

If you would like to discuss what the alternative is to selling and renting back your house then please contact us or complete the house buyer quote form opposite – we’ll be pleased to discuss alternative options that are open to you.

Learn more about the scams and how you should review your options before proceeding to sell your house.

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